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2019 Social Trends for the Digital Advisor or Agent

With a new year comes new social and digital trends. Hearsay CEO Clara Shih wrote a thought-provoking piece on what 2019 will hold in store for advisors in terms of technology trends over at She says:
“In these turbulent market times, technology advancements used to amplify advisors’ human touch will matter more than during bull markets, and will define client relationships to years to come.”
One way technological advancements can amplify advisors (and all financial service professionals) is through social and digital communication channels. Here are four trends that will define your client relationships.

Trend 1: 1-on-1 Messaging

The recent news that Facebook is extending its messaging platform to Instagram and WhatsApp for an integrated experience is just the most recent example of the growing importance of 1-on-1 messaging. With this confluence, there will be 2.6 billion users who can suddenly all contact each other through, regardless of which platform they’re messaging on. While not every social and digital platform can do the same, this proves that the relevancy of 1-on-1 messaging will continue to grow.
Revisit your 1-on-1 messaging strategy: social media DMs, text messages, phone calls, email. Keep track of leads you’ve nurtured and send an email/text when the time is right. Many of you are probably already doing this today, but it doesn’t hurt to codify this further and focus more effort into this bucket. By automating other top of funnel activities, such as posting on social media and managing lead forms on your website, then you’ll have more time to spend on high-value 1-to-1 interactions with clients.

Trend 2: Build Trust

The past few years have been rocked by a crumbling trust in our social media networks. While most issues were with Facebook, including but not limited to Cambridge Analytica, fake news, and fake profiles found on the network, Twitter had its fair share of drama too with its use of bots and fake accounts. Trust is an ongoing conversation that those on the forefront of digital have to constantly keep in mind.
Building the lost trust back up on social media will require a massive effort from many folks, the social networks especially, but there are day-to-day activities that you can do to establish trust as well. Post personal and authentic content that shows a different side of your business. This could be posting images of the folks in your office volunteering or going to social events together. Some agents and advisors also post about their personal lives and families! Just be careful not to post anything that might be unprofessional and hurt your brand.

Trend 3: Real-Time Content Grows

Facebook and Instagram Stories and various live streaming features point to continued growth in real-time content. The continuing trend of real-time content is actually a branch of the conversation about trust. Folks are craving real-time content because it feels more authentic and real. We’ve seen the idea of real-time content productized in social media platforms through the use of Facebook and Instagram Stories. You also see it in the continued growth of live streaming on these platforms and others.
Create posts that mimic real-time content. Do this by posting content about current trends and events. Even if the post goes out a few days or a week after the news or trend first hits, your followers can still tell that you’re paying attention to the latest happenings and are savvy enough to comment on it. Think of it as being fashionably late or taking a moment to gather your thoughts on the subject before sharing.

Trend 4: Digital Connectivity

A lead goes to your website and fills out a contact form. You follow up with an email to schedule a meeting. After your meeting, you send a text thanking them for their time. Later on, you see they retweeted one of your tweets about market fluctuations. You send them a text, “Hey, thanks for retweeting. Call me if you have any questions about market fluctuations.” After your phone call, you send them an email with some follow-up information. As the digital landscape becomes more complex, so do your digital relationships with your customers and prospects. This opens up a world of possibility for your communication methods, but can also become a heady thing to manage.
Ensure whatever platform you’re using for digital communication can seamlessly connect all of these touchpoints. Look for solutions that can automate this process. Hearsay, for example, can automate the entire scenario described above!

Learn More

If you’re a Hearsay customer and would like a deeper dive into these four trends and how they apply to your business, check out our upcoming webinar “2019 Social & Digital Trends”.
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Cut through the noise and get straight to the point: what are the key 2019 digital trends to look out for? How can you leverage them for your business?
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Linh Le

Linh Le creates training resources and educational content to help Hearsay’s customers succeed. You can follow her on Twitter at @HSSLinh where she tweets about the financial services industry and the state of social media.

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