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In the Spotlight: Mark Teofilo, Program Administrator and Social Media Consultant, CIBC

With an enormous base of advisors and agents using social, websites, email and compliant texting with mobile calling, Hearsay is in the unique position to be a hub for those in the industry to learn from one another.
Each month we put the spotlight on a customer who’s fully embraced digital transformation. We’ll share stories of advisors and agents who are using digital to be more productive, build deeper relationships and increase business, as well as those of distribution, marketing, compliance and IT leaders who successfully led or participated in digital initiatives.
Mark Teofilo is a Program Administrator and Social Media Consultant for CIBC in Toronto. He uses Hearsay Social Dynamic Campaigns to deliver targeted, quality content to his field advisors and consultants, saving them a great deal of time. Read on to hear how digital has impacted Mark’s previous 2 years with CIBC.

Tell us about the Hearsay program that you manage at CIBC.

We launched our Hearsay program in May of 2017, to our mobile sales force, which includes Mortgage Advisors and Investment Consultants across Canada. We are extremely thrilled with the partnership Hearsay has offered; it has enabled us to build a successful social program. We currently leverage Hearsay primarily for its social capabilities and we will be looking to expand in 2019 to included Relate [compliant texting and calling], Advisor Actions, and 1­-to-­1 Outreach.
Our team at CIBC continuously focuses on increasing engagement, activity and adoption. We strive to provide relevant content, best practices and training to help advisors achieve social success.

What Hearsay Social feature has benefited your advisors the most?

Hearsay’s Dynamic Campaigns help automate publishing for advisors, ensuring they continuously stay top of mind with their connections. Campaigns make it easy for advisors to be active without having to do the legwork of actually “being active.” They also provide the admin team the ability to push out and publish content fairly effortlessly and are great for organizing and adding content on an ongoing basis, along with insights that allow admins to determine the strategy of what content should go out at what exact time.

What is the most successful campaign that you have run?

Our most popular and engaging campaign is “Lifestyle” related. Without giving away our secrets, this specific campaign often trends weekly on all social sites and receives high engagement from our advisors’ connections. The success of this campaign points towards the 80/20 rule.
This campaign and campaigns, in general, offer the benefit of time savings. Advisors are busy and often dealing directly with clients. They understand the importance of social but don’t have time to develop those channels. If advisors subscribe to Dynamic Campaigns, it ensures they are socially active without hindering their daily/weekly schedules. Dynamic Campaigns also provide assurance that any important and time-­sensitive content will still be published, even if advisors are unavailable.

How do you measure the success of campaigns?

We measure the success of these campaigns by the number of advisor subscriptions and overall engagement by our advisors’ connections. A high number of subscriptions by our advisors shows demand for the content that is made available. A high number of engagements shows that the advisors’ audience values the content too. Campaigns that generate engagement help facilitate and develop relationship building and ultimately lead to increased business.

What excites you about Hearsay’s vision?

Hearsay’s dedication to innovation and growth is what excites me. They never rest on their laurels, and continuously strive to create an all-­encompassing tool which is essential for any advisor who is looking to be successful. In just a year and a half, I’ve seen Hearsay roll out a bundle of new features and platform capabilities – all of which are extremely valuable. I think we are only touching the surface, and I’m excited to learn more about what’s to come!

When you’re not at the office, what do you do for fun?

I enjoy being active and spending time with family and friends. When I’m not at work, you can often find me at the gym, playing sports, or watching my beloved Maple Leafs. I mean what Canadian doesn’t love hockey?!
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Brittany Hedin

Customer Marketing Manager
Brittany has been at Hearsay since October 2014 and works as a customer marketing manager. In her spare time, you can find her riding horses or in the mountains.

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