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Hearsay’s January Product Release is Here

At Hearsay we have one prime directive: help advisors grow their business. So when we heard that $68 TRILLION dollars was set to be up for grabs, we went to work on a way for advisors to stake their claim.

Introducing Hearsay Social for Instagram: The Social Media Platform of Choice for the Next Generation

Over the next few decades, approximately $68 trillion is set to transition across generations in what is being called “The Great Wealth Transfer.” Yet to date, advisors and insurance agents have struggled to effectively engage with younger potential investors and clients.
At a whopping 1 billion users – 70% of whom are under 35 – Instagram is a platform advisors and insurance agents can’t afford to ignore. For millennials and Gen X, Instagram is the second most popular social network. Both generations have massive buying power and both will have considerable need for financial advice as “the great wealth transfer” starts to become a reality.
To tap into this market, advisors and agents need a way to build trust and gain mindshare with the next generation of clients who:

  • Don’t generally work with their parents’ advisors
  • Seek the financial independence it takes to retire early (epitomized by the “FIRE” movement)
  • Don’t prioritize insurance and
  • Are potentially poised to inherit up to $68 Trillion in financial and non-financial assets over the next 30-40 years.

The path to success here lies in helping them deploy a coordinated digital strategy across multiple channels and enabling them to rapidly respond with automation and delegation.
To meet this challenge, we’re excited to announce that Hearsay Social now fully supports Instagram. As a mobile-first platform, Hearsay Social Dynamic Campaign Instagram Social Media PostInstagram complements Hearsay’s abilities to empower field advisors and agents while they’re away from their office. Adding this critical network to the Hearsay Advisor Cloud further enables advisors and agents to engage with the increasingly vital “next generation.”
By leveraging Instagram, an advisor can build and grow their network by posting engaging content about a trend in the market or an insurance agent can share the latest clever ad campaign (have you seen those Allstate ads?). And with Hearsay’s addition of Triggered Advisor Actions and Hearsay Relate over the last year, advisors can quickly respond to potential new clients by utilizing powerful workflows with one-click follow-up via text (newsflash: millennials don’t read email) or mobile calling. Personalized, compliant communication is instant and simple. Read more in the Press Release.
Of course, adding a new social network to your program might seem daunting. That is why we have the hands-on training, implementation and support options you need to get your program off the ground. We’ll partner with you to help design an industry-specific approach to Instagram that is tailored to meet your unique objectives and provide you with the dashboards and reporting to measure your results and generate program insights. As always, we maintain vigilance when it comes to compliance to make sure you meet the rigorous regulatory requirements of financial services.

Beyond Instagram

Hearsay Social for Instagram is part of a bigger January release that includes other user experience improvements. Here are a few highlights:
PDF Capture of 3rd Party Links: For compliance and program admins, Hearsay Social now makes it easier to meet FINRA’s guidance around capturing and archiving the contents of a 3rd party link.
Hearsay Help Center: For all users, we invested in an overhaul of the Hearsay Help Center. In addition to a new design for improved user and support experience, we added our technical documentation portal for easy reference.
Contact Management: We refreshed our Contacts experience across the Hearsay Platform. It’s easier to add, edit and manage contacts in Social, 1-to-1 Outreach and Relate.

Donna Prlich

Hearsay’s Chief Business Officer Donna Prlich is responsible for global strategic business initiatives, marketing and partnerships at Hearsay Systems.

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