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In the Spotlight: Kyle Nowadnick, Thrivent Financial Consultant

Talking to customers is a way of life for Hearsay; engineering, product, marketing and customer success teams are in daily contact with thousands of corporate financial services customers and their advisors and agents. With an enormous base of advisors and agents using social, websites, email and compliant texting with mobile calling we’re in the unique position to be a hub for those in the industry to learn from one another.
Each month we’ll put the spotlight on a customer who’s fully embraced digital transformation. We’ll share stories of advisors and agents who are using digital to be more productive, build deeper relationships and increase business, as well as those of distribution, marketing, compliance and IT leaders who successfully led or participated in digital initiatives.
Welcome to our first Customer Spotlight! This month, we caught up with Kyle Nowadnick, a Thrivent Financial Consultant in the Greater Seattle Area, for over 10 years. Kyle uses Hearsay Social, Sites and Relate to prospect and deepen client relationships. Read on to hear from Kyle himself about how making the move to digital selling has positively impacted his work.
What’s a typical day like for you?
Every day is different for me – I never know what to expect as my schedule constantly changes and a variety of things can happen each day. That’s why I dedicate 5 mins each Monday morning to plan my digital communication strategy for the week. With very little work, I schedule my social media pushes and set automated text reminders for my upcoming meetings. It’s such an easy way to stay top of of mind with my clients.
What trends are you seeing in the industry lately?
Today, clients look to their financial professionals for a point of view on market events, such as the recent stock market dips, and industry trends that are impacting their accounts. They want and expect answers to topics in a timely and actionable format before they have a chance to ask the question. As financial professionals, we have the opportunity to be positioned as a thought leader which will change the way our clients currently engage with us.
How are social media and texting changing the way you work?
Social media is changing the way I interact with my clients and prospective clients. When I started in this field, the only way I engaged with clients was over the phone. It was time consuming and not that effective. Now, there are a number of ways one can and is expected to engage. Clients look me up on Facebook, LinkedIn, or see my website through a Google search to learn more about me. They will message me to set up a meeting after they already know a little about how I work with clients. I text a lot more with my clients these days; it’s definitely an easy way to stay engaged and in front of them.
How has Hearsay improved the way you work?
Hearsay gives me an easy way to manage all of the ways I can engage with my clients and it aggregates those interactions in one place. Knowing that I’m covered by compliance as well is a huge relief. I don’t have to think about it at all.
What best practice have you adopted?
Consistent weekly postings and creating my own content have been instrumental in my social strategy. When I started I set a goal of posting just once a week and did that for a few months, learning what worked and what didn’t. Over time, I increased the frequency of my posting to 5 times a week and my social network began to expand much more. While I post content from our corporate library a few times a day, I have also created my own voice through content that I have created. Also before assuming my clients want to communicate over text, I ask them in person first before sending them the initial text.
What excites you about Hearsay’s vision?
I’m excited about the possibility of leveraging all of this great client engagement data in our CRM to give me more insight into what’s working (and what’s not) to I continue to grow my business.
When you’re not at the office, what do you do for fun?
When I’m not at the office, you can find me scuba diving in the Puget Sound or spending time with my family.
To connect with Kyle, follow him on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and you can check out his Hearsay powered Thrivent Website here.

Brittany Hedin

Customer Marketing Manager
Brittany has been at Hearsay since October 2014 and works as a customer marketing manager. In her spare time, you can find her riding horses or in the mountains.

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