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Create a Content Strategy that Works for Advisors and Agents

Back in June, Hearsay Systems published our benchmark 2018 Social Media Content Study. We analyzed approximately 3.4 million posts from the 77,000 advisors using our Hearsay Social Platform. The Hearsay team extracted key insights on what kinds of content perform best on social media and filtered it by line of business. From there, the Customer Education team hosted a webinar that same month that covered it as well as some general best practices.
The study reached the following conclusions:

  • Corporate content is suggested the most by corporate marketing teams, but receives relatively low publishing rates in the field.
  • Non-industry content is suggested the least by corporate marketing teams, but has the highest engagement rates from agents’ followers.
  • Agents seek out and publish industry-related content the most.
  • Corporate marketing teams and their agents need to digitize and automate agent-client engagement workflows.

Based on these conclusions, here is a framework to use along with some best practices we’ve pulled that will take your content strategy to the next level.

Ask Yourself…

First off, when building your content strategy, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the goal of this channel?
  • What is the desired action?
  • What is the specific type of content my audience wants to get in this channel?
  • What is the right tone?
  • What is the ideal velocity?

Using these questions as your framework, you can apply the following social network and content strategy best practices.

Social Network Best Practices

LinkedIn: Use this professional platform to demonstrate thought leadership and build your professional network. While it’s important to build up your reputation as a thought leader across all the networks, it’s most important on LinkedIn. Take a look at the “What people are talking about now” section on the right-hand side of the homepage and see if you can join the trend and create posts about those topics. It’s generally a best practice to post on LinkedIn from noon to 5pm.
Facebook: Grow your network and spread word of your business on the largest social network in the world. Make sure your posts have an informative and friendly tone. Facebook is a great place to show off how awesome your business is, but also how fun and personal you and your team are. We’ve found that the best hours to post on Facebook are from 9-10 am and 1-3 pm.
Twitter: Imagine if Facebook and LinkedIn had a child that moved at a million miles a minute and had a 280 character limit. That’s Twitter in a nutshell. It’s a platform that combines the personality of Facebook with the trending professional topics on LinkedIn and thrives on real-time pithy insights. With an educational and professional tone and by posting from noon-3pm every weekday, you’re sure to find some level of success with this challenging but worthwhile platform.

Content Strategy Best Practices

From our 2018 Social Media Content Study, these four content strategy best practices are sure winners:

  1. Share more non-industry content.
  2. Put an entertaining, engaging spin on industry and corporate content.
  3. Leverage automation and industry-specific technology to make it easier to publish the right content, at the right time.
  4. Maintain an open dialogue between your corporate marketing and compliance teams.

Not sure how to implement these findings into your strategy? Good news! This was just a sneak peek…
Join our upcoming webinar Content 201: Building and Promoting your Personal Digital Brand for deeper insights into how you take your financial services content strategy to the next level. We’ll covers how to build a strong brand strategy by focusing on your strengths and personality, as well as the latest trends in social media content strategy, based on our 2018 Social Media Content Study. Learn how to develop your unique voice on social by posting great content that will help you connect with and grow your audience!
Register now for the webinar on November 13, 2018: 8am PST/ 11am EST / 4pm GMT

Linh Le

Linh Le creates training resources and educational content to help Hearsay’s customers succeed. You can follow her on Twitter at @HSSLinh where she tweets about the financial services industry and the state of social media.

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