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Hearsay’s October Product Release is Here

We’re excited to announce that our latest product release is now generally available!
Our 7th release of the year includes brand-new features for the Hearsay Platform, as well as new and improved functionality inside Hearsay Social, Hearsay Sites, and Hearsay Relate. As always, many of our updates to the platform work seamlessly across products. This makes it easy for you to help advisors use multiple digital channels — all from one place.
What’s new?

For the Hearsay Platform:

Advisor Actions
Advisors waste over two-thirds of their day on manual processes, leaving less time for actual value-added client interactions. With Advisor Actions we can help you solve this challenge.
Enabled by our new Action Card API, custom action cards with prescriptive next steps are created that can guide advisors and agents on how and when to reach out to clients and prospects during moments that matter.
What are some of these moments? Advisor Actions are fully customizable, allowing YOU to define moments of value sourced from any core system. We’ve started to work with customers and identify workflows integral to financial services firms such as:

  • Lead Conversion
  • Cross-selling activities
  • Document execution
  • And more

And with every Hearsay activity included in any Advisor Actions workflow featuring built-in compliance and automatically tracked and captured for reporting and analytics, Hearsay is bringing unprecedented transparency and real-time insights into advisors’ activities. Marketing and digital teams can now measure field performance such as advisors’ response times, frequency of touch and channel performance.
Want to learn more? Schedule time with our team to see how Advisor Actions can drive critical outcomes for your business.
Insights (Beta)
Insights is Hearsay’s new reporting and analytics experience. Through robust dashboards and real-time reports, you can quickly quantify program performance and take a data-driven approach to optimizing it. Insights presents your data in a highly visual, easy-to-consume format so that it’s simple for you to see what’s working well, where there’s opportunity to improve and, of course, share these insights with your colleagues.
Ahead of a broad release in December of this year, today’s beta launch gives admins at participating organizations access to a subset of Insights functionality.

For Hearsay Social & Hearsay Sites:

New Hearsay Content Campaign – Millennials & Money
One of our most popular Hearsay Content Channels, Millennials & Money, is now available as a dynamic campaign. Hearsay automatically creates this campaign for you to review in draft mode, and includes 1 new post per week designed to help your advisors attract and retain millennial clients. Hearsay now offers three Hearsay Content Campaigns including Tech Trends, Healthy Living and, of course, Millennials & Money.
Note: To review available or discuss potential new Hearsay Content Campaigns, please engage with your Customer Success Manager.

For Hearsay Social:

1-to-1 Outreach – Click Through Tracking for Non-Showcase URLs
1-to-1 Outreach now captures more engagement data than ever before. With this release, Hearsay now tracks clicks on links in the email body AND the showcase link of 1-to-1 Outreach. This makes it easy for advisors to reach out to the right person at the right time, and it helps you improve your content strategy over time. It even provides CRM admins and field leaders deeper insight into the effectiveness of their advisor-client outreach strategy.

For Hearsay Relate:

Multi-ring helps advisory teams make sure client calls don’t go unanswered — without a complicated staffing plan. The feature allows multiple phone numbers to be added to an advisor’s workspace, so when a client calls the advisor, each phone number rings simultaneously. Once someone (the advisor, the assistant, etc) answers the call, the call is connected and no one else is able to answer it.
Contact Uploader
The Contact Uploader makes it easier than ever for advisors to import business contacts in Hearsay Relate. Simply “drag and drop” a spreadsheet (using the template provided) and Hearsay instantly imports each of the contacts and syncs it with the web and mobile app.

William Warren

William Warren is part of Hearsay's product marketing team, focusing on bringing a financial services perspective to our advisor-client engagement platform.

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