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Hearsay Triggers the Media with Smart Triggers and More

Hearsay made a huge announcement last week — on Wednesday, we announced the availability of Hearsay Advisor Actions.
Advisor Actions will change the way your field works, taking mobile productivity to the next level with smart triggers, artificial intelligence and turnkey financial services workflows. Lead conversion, cross-selling, document execution or any other challenge you’re facing can be solved with Hearsay’s patented technology, prompting advisors to compliantly text and make calls in the moments that matter.
Our announcement has generated some buzz in the industry and we’re proud to be featured in the following publications:
Barron’s: Fintech firm Hearsay launches a productivity tool for advisors
ThinkAdvisor: Hearsay’s New Tool Boosts Texting, Mobile Capabilities for Advisors
Wealth Management: Advisor Actions on a Hearsay Trigger
Wall Street Journal Wealth Adviser Briefing: Adviser Efficiency (etc.)
FA Magazine: Hearsay Launches Mobile Phone Solution for Advisors
Financial Advisor IQ: Fintech Firm Unveils Tool for FAs to “Combat Robo Advisor Threat”
Insurance Innovation Reporter: Hearsay Systems Debuts Triggered Advisor Actions for Mobile Work Environment
InsuranceNews: Hearsay Systems Creates Mobile Solution For Advisors
Advisor Actions is completely customizable and drives the outcomes that are critical to taking on some of the biggest challenges you are facing. We’re excited about what this solution means for the future of advisor productivity, increasing revenues and improving the client experience.
Click here to schedule a conversation about how Advisor Actions can start working for you.

William Warren

William Warren is part of Hearsay's product marketing team, focusing on bringing a financial services perspective to our advisor-client engagement platform.

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