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Hearsay’s September Product Release is Here

Today, I’m happy to announce that our latest product release is now generally available!
Our sixth release of the year includes significant enhancements to Hearsay Social (check out the updated mobile app), as well as key new features inside Hearsay Relate. As always, many of our updates to Hearsay Social work seamlessly with Hearsay Sites. This makes it easy for advisors to generate awareness at the top of their sales funnel and easy for you to support them throughout the entire buyer’s journey.
The new features include:

For Hearsay Social and Hearsay Sites:

Enhanced Mobile App 
It’s no secret that an advisor’s time is best spent one-on-one with clients and prospects. That’s why they’re often out of the office, on the go. With Hearsay Social’s enhanced mobile app, your advisors can manage social networks, engage clients and nurture prospects — all in a few quick taps. 
The reimagined app includes many of our new desktop features like the Action List and 1-to-1 Outreach. Combining these with Push Notifications, Hearsay Social can alert your advisors of an important marketing or sales action they need to take, and make it dead-simple to complete. This could be scheduling posts to attract new prospects, following up with a website lead to close business, and more.
In addition, the mobile app makes a few simple but powerful email marketing tactics actionable for your advisors. Let’s say your advisor goes to an event, meets a few prospects who are interested in life insurance, but aren’t quite ready to buy. In a few taps, your advisor can subscribe them to an email drip campaign – about life insurance – right on their phone. Now, the advisor can effectively nurture those leads without spending time on it or learning email marketing.
Hearsay Content for Canada
We launched Hearsay Content in April to help you curate great content in less time. Backed by eight years of data, we provide organizations – at no cost – feeds of high-quality articles to help you make content marketing easy for advisors.
Now, you can get Hearsay’s top four feeds curated specifically from select Canadian publications. This makes it easier and faster for our Canadian customers to create an engaging content strategy for clients in their home market (after all, 3rd party content is key to a well rounded content strategy).
Note: To review available or discuss potential new Content Channels from Hearsay, please engage with your Customer Success Manager.
Automated Content Approval
As more advisors publish content via Campaigns, and as Hearsay Content delivers more into your Content Channels, it is more important than ever to optimize the content review and approval process for supervision teams.
With Automated Content Approval, supervisors can automatically review and approve third-party articles brought into Hearsay — while ensuring compliance with your organization’s policy. Supervisors are alerted of any articles flagged as risky and can quickly review them manually to take the appropriate action.

For Hearsay Relate:

Web Opt-In Form
To stay compliant, advisors may need consent from their clients and prospects to start texting. The Web Opt-In Form makes it easy for advisors to get more clients and prospects signed up at events, during new client onboarding sessions, and more. It’s as simple as sending a link to their personalized opt-in form.
Easily Resend Texts
Text messaging is a great way to get a hold of clients, but sometimes, for a variety of technical reasons, texts don’t quite make it to their recipients. With Hearsay Relate’s web app, your advisors (and often their assistants) can easily resend any text messages that don’t make it to a client or prospect.

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