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How Corporate Teams Can Trigger and Track Financial Advisor and Agent Lead Follow-up, Improving Response Time, Conversion Rate and Transaction Size [Video]

June 13, 2018

We know that the longer it takes for a business to respond to a customer or prospect inquiry, the less likely that person will buy (or return, or refer). The highly personal nature of financial advice makes prompt lead follow-up in the financial services industry even more critical. Yet, corporate teams often have limited visibility into what happens with a lead at the field level.

Hearsay’s Advisor Cloud solutions leverage data and AI to enable a financial advisor to quickly, personally and compliantly follow up with every client and prospect on multiple digital channels, including text and voice calls (through our newly launched Hearsay Relate), social media and personalized email (through Advisor Social), and local advisor websites (through Advisor Sites). What’s more, all these interactions are automatically captured in their corporate CRM and business intelligence systems, providing corporate sales and marketing teams powerful visibility into field activities and enriching the data they have.

At our recent Hearsay Summit, Ed Fandrey, U.S. vice president of financial services at Microsoft, Hearsay CEO Clara Shih, and Hearsay CTO Mark Gilbert led a live demonstration of how this works:

Learn more about Hearsay’s Advisor Cloud, industry-specific workflows and CRM integration capabilities.


Connie Sung Moyle

Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

Connie Sung Moyle leads global public relations, analyst relations and content for Hearsay.

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