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How to Deliver the Right Social Media Content, at the Right Time

Because Hearsay’s software is purpose-built for financial services, we receive an enormous amount of data on the digital activities by financial services firms and their advisors. Our proprietary data is what enables us to provide the industry-specific features, tools and recommendations that help our customers grow.
In this month’s webinar, “Delivering the Right Content at the Right Time for Maximum Effectiveness and Efficiency,” Hearsay’s Customer Education team will review the important findings and best practices from our new benchmark Social Media Content Study. This study aims to go beyond how advisors use social for business and looks at what social content is actually resonating with their followers, clients and prospects.
In all, our customer success and data teams analyzed approximately 3.4 million posts from 77,000 advisors using our Advisor Social platform to determine:

  • What types of content are most popular with advisors?
  • What content actually drives engagement (prospect and client touch points) from their followers?
  • How can corporate or field marketing teams, as well as advisors, better optimize their content mix?
  • What differentiated content trends are we seeing for the wealth management, life insurance, and property and casualty insurance verticals? What strategy is best for each category?

If you’re a current Hearsay customer, join our webinar, “Delivering the Right Content at the Right Time for Maximum Effectiveness and Efficiency,” on Tuesday, June 19, at 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm GMT, to:

  • Discover what different lines of business are doing to find success on social, and where you and your organization can improve your efforts
  • Learn how to round out your digital presence using various digital channels to make tangible gains for your business
  • Develop a comprehensive content strategy and set goals for your business in ways that are manageable and measurable

See you there!

Chris Beck

As leader of Hearsay's customer education team, Chris Beck develops and manages customer education materials and initiatives to help our customers succeed.

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