2018 Social Media Content Study

We all know that advisors need to have an active social media presence in order to build their personal brands … But are they posting the right content that drives meaningful client touch points?

In this new 2018 Social Media Content benchmark study, Hearsay analyzed data from 15 enterprise financial services firms that have corporate-driven advisor social media programs in place (more than 3.4 million posts from 77,000 advisors in all) to find out:

  • What content is suggested the most to advisors by their firms’ corporate and field marketing teams
  • What content is published the most by advisors – a critical indicator of whether or not corporate efforts are aligned with advisors’ actual preferences
  • What content received the most engagement from the advisors’ followers
  • Actionable best practices and tips for corporate and field teams to fine-tune their advisor social media programs, and for advisors to increase client touch points at the individual, local level