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Social Spring Cleaning: 3 Ways to Update Your Social Business Efforts

Every month, our Customer Education team holds free social media training for advisors and agents. Here are key learnings from our latest session!
The annual ritual of spring cleaning our houses gives us a chance to reassess all our old belongings, throw out the old and welcome the new. Though social media is not where you physically live, your social business profiles are definitely the online homes for your company and brand.
This month, the Hearsay Education team is helping financial advisors, insurance agents and mortgage officers do a little “social spring cleaning.” Here, we highlight some old (and not healthy) social habits that advisors and agents should try to break away from:

1. Don’t Send Mixed Messages

What’s Old: Having inconsistent photos, user names and voice across your social networks. This can hurt your brand and credibility.
The New: Take a great new headshot and use the same one on all your social business profiles, so you have visual consistency no matter what site your customer or prospect lands on. Also, be sure to have updated contact information on all your pages, including your name, company name, business address, phone number and website URL. And try to keep the same style of communication and tone – if you’re fun and engaging on Facebook but totally dry and buttoned-up on Twitter, people will question your authenticity.

2. Content Mix Fail

What’s Old: Posting only about business or industry news is an easy way to lose the interest of those who follow or are connected to you. People connect with you on social so they can learn more about YOU, not just your products and services.
The New: Try thinking 80/20. Eighty percent of your posts should be about events, people or content that’s brand- and product-agnostic (i.e., is truly helpful and relevant). The remaining 20 percent can be explicitly about your products or company.

3. Forgotten Accounts

What’s Old: Having an unmanaged or out-of-date profile is worse than having no profile at all. Imagine a company with an open sign on the front door but has been dark for months; would you go out of your way to do business with them? You’d probably move on to your next option – and so are your prospects.
The New: If you create a profile on a social network, be active on it! There’s little doubt these days that social can be a powerful business driver, but you have to put some effort into it so that you can stay relevant and trusted.
And finally: For this special “in with the new” social spring cleaning session, we showed off some of the new and incredibly user-friendly navigation experience within the Hearsay Social app. This included showing how easy it is to locate connected profiles, new ways to manage settings, and getting access to training.
We wish you a great spring season and hope these tips and tricks will motivate you to do some quick and easy social spring cleaning. See you on social!
Interested in attending one of Hearsay’s free education training sessions for advisors and agents? Contact your Hearsay program manager for more details!

Stephanie Pellegrino

Stephanie Pellegrino is responsible for Hearsay’s training and education initiatives and also manages Help Center documentation needs. In her free time, she enjoys reading, doing whatever fitness craze she is in to that particular moment, and spending time with her husband and 4-year-old daughter.

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