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Meet the Hearsay Team: Pets Edition!

April 11 is National Pet Day (#nationalpetday), and what better way to celebrate than highlight the furry four-legged friends who are part of the extended Hearsay family? Check out some of the animals that provide so much joy in our lives, both at and outside of the office:

We adopted Pebble from the SF SPCA in the fall of 2016. This 3-year-old pit-dachshund mix is always excited to meet new people and new animal friends. When she’s not lounging around in the sun, she is digging holes at the beach. Pebble loves her toys and most of all, loves to visit Hearsay!

– Cerina Camino / Customer Support


Maz is a 14-year-old warmblood. I don’t own him but I ride him on the weekends and I’ve been riding him for years now. I love when I get to the barn and walk up to go get Maz; he always whinnies hello and is excited to see me. I also love how kind and patient he is.

– Brittany Hedin / Customer Operations


What I love most about my Chihuahua, Gracie, is her unconditional love and her pure joy of getting to go outside and come in for her treat.

– Dan England / Sales


Name: Breakfast
Breed: black mouth cur

My favorite thing about Brekkie is that she is down to do anything under the sun, without hesitation. Camping, coming into the office, Zepplin rides, sledding, river floating, snipe hunting, concerts, cat sitting or road trips.  She does everything I ever ask her to do or accompany me on with enthusiasm and trust.

– Mark Waitt / Customer Success


This is my dog, Penny Lane. She’s supposedly a Yorkipoo, but she’s a rescue so ultimately we really don’t know. I originally wanted to name her Wolfgang (as in Amadeus), but my wife objected to A) a male name for a female dog, and B) the name Wolfgang in general, so we settled on a more agreeable music-y name. We got her when she was very young so unfortunately she has no idea she’s a dog and finds most other dogs terrifying (we have an amazing video somewhere of her being terrorized by a literally pint-sized pomeranian puppy) … but she loves people and little kids in particular. Here she is depicted leashed to my daughter’s toy baby stroller, which I believe adequately summarizes Penny’s life ever since our daughter arrived on the scene. Happily, she is an incredibly tolerant, good-natured dog.

– Barry Nelson / Sales Consulting


Name: Friday
Breed: 1/2 Ragdoll, 1/2 Moggy (i.e., unknown)

She follows me EVERYWHERE.

– Luca Warsaw / Customer Success, Europe


This is Chino. He is an 11-year-old shi tzu! I love that no matter what leftovers my daughter is offering him, he gladly eats it and enjoys every morsel! I also love his snaggle tooth.

– Stephanie Pellegrino / Customer Education


Name: Gatsby
Breed: husky mix

I brought Gatsby home when he was just six weeks old (!!!) and I called him “puppy” for so long that the name nearly stuck. One time, when I called him in from the yard, he proudly trotted over to me and dropped a rose on the ground at my feet. He just sat there staring at me and wagging his tail. It was so sweet!

– Lia Zadoyan / Engineering


Name: Sugar
Breed: min pin/Chihuahua

This is Sugar, who is my BFF and the greatest little dog one could ask for. Throughout the years we’ve enjoyed the great outdoors together like hiking mountains, canoeing lakes, rafting rivers, surf campouts and cruising around on a bike and a scooter. Even though she’s a wee bit older now and has traded in her extracurricular activity for lap naps and cuddles, she’s still sweet as ever!

– Kiz Dodds / Implementation


Name: Billie (Insta hash #billievanilli)
Breed: golden retriever

Billie basically is the dog from the movie “Up”– generally loves everyone and everything, can’t turn down a ball sesh or the call of the water. She is taunted daily by squirrels and ducks on our property. An adored member of the family and the customer success team.

– Elyse Hackney / Customer Success


This is Mac Drill. He likes long walks and snuggling in places he’s not allowed (my bed). He’s a Catahoula leopard and hound mix. He’s a very alert guard dog and lets me know when people walk by our apartment, five floors down. They should know better.

– Jen Drill / Customer Success


Name: Guinness
Breed: German shepherd/husky mix

He’s a 3-month-old who loves belly rubs and his Stitch stuffed animal. He can be an elfish little monster who chews on anything within reach, but at the end of the day he just wants to play fetch and nap on your feet.

– Lauren Wyatt / Engineering


Prudence is a 9-year-old Lab border collie mix who I adopted from SPCA at seven months old. Pru has been by my side for several major life changes: four moves, a marriage and two babies! Even at age nine, Pru is very high energy and loves to play fetch, go for long hikes and swim in the ocean. She’s a very patient older sister to her 3-year-old and 8-month-old human siblings, though her picky eating habits are not helpful for under-highchair clean-up duty. I most love Pru’s sense of adventure: She’s ready to tackle any new circumstance by my side with positivity, curiosity and energy!

– Mallory Adiego / Customer Success


This is Presley, our shih tzu. She’s two in this picture and coming home from the groomer. This is her general viewpoint on all authority or not getting her way. She’s a crazy nut and we love her to pieces.

– Emily Constantini / Sales


Name: Jock
Breed: English bulldog
Favorite Quote: “Ball is Life”

Name: Oscar
(named after Oscar the Grouch; he was found a stray and looked like he lived in a garbage can)
Breed: shih tzu

What I love most about them is they are so polar opposite. I feel like I get the best of both worlds with them. Oscar is super quiet and chill, while Jock has an insatiable appetite to play at all times. There is nothing better than coming home from a hard day and having your pups greet you at the door like you are the coolest person in the world. Never gets old.

– Marissa Lui / People, Infrastructure and Enablement


This is Nano, also known as @NanoSuperDog. We adopted him from a neighbor and think he’s a Chihuahua/terrier mix. Nano is very friendly, energetic and loves to tweet. He’s been featured on the big screen in Times Square on New Year’s eve two years in a row. He’s a big fan of UCLA sports and Katy Perry, and loves it when I make baby back ribs.

– Victor Gaxiola / Marketing


Above is Uno. He is cocker spaniel and poodle mix. He is often too smart for his own good and loves to take advantage of his small frame to claim “caves” around the house as his own.

– Dan Boeve / Engineering


This is Teddy. He is a cocker spaniel and Lhasa apso mix. His charm lies in his ability to brute force his way into getting attention and playtime.

– Dan Boeve / Engineering


His name is Rufus and he comes all the way from down south in Tennessee! He’s about 10 to 11 months old and was an at-risk rescue we adopted in August. Listed as a “schnauzer mix,” we quickly learned he was definitely not a schnauzer … probably a wheaten terrier mix of some sort. He loves to run, get other dogs to chase him, and give sloppy kisses. He’s our little sour patch kid – sour then sweet!

– Briana Regan / Customer Success


Hi! My name is Quasimodo, but you can call me “Quasi.” I’m one part Chihuahua, one part bull terrier, and all parts totally squeezingly adorable! My parents love everything about me, but their favorite is a tie between when I say “woo wooooooo” when I’m happy, and that I immediately bury everything in the sand when we go to the beach, including their blankets, their water bottles, their cell phones and even them.

– Lisa Brey / Product

Tune in next month to learn more about the people behind the scenes at Hearsay. Interested in being part of the team? Check out our career openings around the world.


Brittany Hedin

Brittany has been at Hearsay since October 2014 and works as a customer marketing manager. In her spare time, you can find her riding horses or in the mountains.

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