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Double Advisor Publish Rates With Hearsay’s New Campaign Email

Email is a tried and true channel to encourage advisors to build their social business. As the head of your firm’s advisor social media program, sending reminder emails is a quick way to make sure your advisors can easily share quality social content on a regular basis using Hearsay Social.
Our new Campaign Email feature extends your ability to boost advisor publishing – now you can promote content campaigns so your field team can engage with clients and prospects more consistently on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. With Campaign Email, we’ve found that advisors are subscribing to campaigns at twice the rate they subscribe to our Suggested Content email. This is a significant bump in advisor publish rates, not to mention the improved distribution of our customers’ corporate marketing content.
With Campaign Email, you can now send an email to notify advisors about a new content campaign. This email makes it easier for you to promote new content campaigns, and it allows advisors to subscribe with the click of a button. It also helps generate more awareness for your field force, maintain brand governance, and allows advisors to focus their efforts where it matters most: one-to-one customer follow-up.

How Does the Campaign Email Work?

When creating a new campaign, simply schedule a campaign email and advisors can subscribe to the campaign with a single click. You can set the date of a fixed email from Hearsay notifying the field of the new campaign. The recipients of the email will be determined by the region at which the campaign is targeted. If you come back to edit the campaign later, you can edit the email send date as well.
Ready to get started? Contact your Hearsay customer success team for Campaign Email best practices!

Michael Murphy

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