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8 Tips to Find the Pot of (Business) Gold With Social

Every month, our Customer Education team holds free social media training for advisors and agents. Here are key learnings from our latest session!
pot of social goldIn the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day in March, our last session was titled, “Finding the Pot of Gold With Social,” and focused on helping advisors and agents realize that the way business is done has changed over the years. Gone are the days where life insurance is sold door to door; instead, we have entered an era where your presence on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are what can help bring in more business.
Yet, just simply being present on these sites may not be enough. To truly “find the pot of gold,” business users of these networks need to leverage these resources to their full capability. In this session, we detailed ways in which they can maximize the amazing digital Rolodexes they have. Check out some of the tips and tricks we walked through:

If Using LinkedIn:

  • Leverage the knowledge of your connections’ connections. With LinkedIn, you can see who your connections are connected to, and then ask for referrals to specific people. This takes the pressure off of your connections to find people that may be good referrals for you and, instead, lets you do the homework.
  • Use Advanced Search to truly ensure you are taking your networking and research skills to the next level.

If Using Facebook:

  • Make sure you are turning the right Facebook friends into followers. Don’t just invite all your personal friends to like your business page; invite those who truly are interested in your content so they’re more likely to engage with it.
  • Cross-promote your business page on another social network at least one or two times each quarter.
  • Got a post that’s getting decent engagement? Try boosting it!

If Using Twitter:

  • Follow your COIs (Centers of Influence) on Twitter and let them know when you tweet content they might be interested in.
  • Listen for phrases like “any thoughts” or “got advice for … ” and be sure to show off your industry knowledge when the timing is right.
  • Follow colleagues that are doing really well with Twitter to better learn how you, too, can find success.

Whether you are working on how to BE findable, GROW your network, HEAR what your connections are up to, or simply ensuring you SAY the right things that build your brand and show you as a thought leader, it is critical to leverage these powerful networks in ways that help you find that “pot of gold” … I mean, success!
See you on social!
Interested in attending one of Hearsay’s free education training sessions for advisors and agents? Contact your Hearsay program manager for more details!

Stephanie Pellegrino

Stephanie Pellegrino is responsible for Hearsay’s training and education initiatives and also manages Help Center documentation needs. In her free time, she enjoys reading, doing whatever fitness craze she is in to that particular moment, and spending time with her husband and 4-year-old daughter.

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