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Meet the Hearsay Team: Guerson Meyer, Solutions Consultant

Every month, we corner a member of our team and shine the spotlight on him or her for our “Meet the Hearsay Team” employee spotlight series. We hope you enjoy getting a peek at the great people who make up Hearsay as much as we enjoy learning more about them.
This time, say “hallo” to Guerson Meyer, who works out of our Munich, Germany, location!
What do you do at Hearsay and how long have you been at the company?
I am the solution consultant for our European business, and my goal is to match the critical business needs of our potential customers to Hearsay’s technology and service offering. I joined Hearsay nine months ago in July 2016.
Why did you join Hearsay?
My favorite thing about Hearsay is that I can contribute directly to transforming the sales organizations of European financial companies. I am moved by Hearsay’s mission “to modernize financial sales organizations into the digital age.” A lot of people still think that “digital” is a “thing.” I firmly believe, though, that “digital” is the sum of behaviors of how we do things in this modern era.
I have worked for the biggest corporation in Europe, and I have been an entrepreneur as well. Hearsay has, in my opinion, the ideal company size to make big things happen. I enjoy working in groups of small and accountable teams formed by bright, energized and highly motivated individuals. Here is where we create all the magic!
What Hearsay value do you embrace the most?
The value I embrace the most is “always be learning.” Hearsay encourages us to keep up with our “always learning” habits. For example, everyone in the company is encouraged to share book recommendations, personal learning experiences (during sessions called “Hearsay Talks”) as well as “Productivity Hacks.” Additionally, in the few months that I have been here, I’ve already conducted two sales trainings and did several 360° feedback sessions. The Hearsay culture encourages me always to keep learning and to improve my skills.
What is one thing few people know about you?
Few people know I was an excellent tennis player as a kid and was ranked second in Mexico City. I interrupted my tennis career to pursue newer dreams, like living on a different continent. I was born and raised in Mexico City, and I am the only member of my – big – family to leave that beautiful country. I have been living in Germany for more than 16 years. Few people know that, too.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I have three small children and spending time with them, and my wife, is where most of my free time goes. But when I do have real free/solo time, I like to read and listen to music. I also enjoy a good beer, a glass of wine or an excellent tequila shot once in a while. But really just once in a while, eh?
If you could go on a trip anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?
I am planning to go sometime soon to Japan! I want to immerse completely in its culture and try all of its food. I have heard wonders about Japan and it is a big item on my bucket list.
Favorite restaurant picks in Munich?
This may shock a lot of people, but my favorite restaurants are typical Bavarian restaurants. We love their food, and their atmosphere is warm and cozy. For example, waiters are dressed in typical lederhosen or dirndl, and most of them are family friendly. During the summer, their biergartens are the best places to be at! Perhaps not surprisingly, Bavarian restaurants are not so hard to find Munich. My favorite would be probably Wirtshaus in der Au.
What’s the biggest misconception about Germany?
I think that the biggest misconception about Germany is that lederhosen and beer are the essences of Germans. Lederhosen are traditionally worn in parts of Bavaria on special occasions only, not so much for the rest of the country. And there are some regions of Germany where wine is more popular than beer.
Thanks, Guerson; we’d love to visit one day!
Tune in next month to learn more about the people behind the scenes at Hearsay. Interested in being part of the team? Check out our career openings around the world.

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