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New Texting Console for Hearsay Messages Accelerates Advisor Productivity

texting console for hearsay messagesWe’re excited to announce a new feature for our Hearsay Messages texting solution that will enable advisors to more efficiently leverage an increasingly common communication channel – texting. With our new Texting Console for Hearsay Messages, financial advisors and insurance agents can authorize their staff to easily, compliantly text clients for administrative purposes, from their office computers, from the same business number.
Think texts for scheduling and confirming meetings with clients or prospects, or scheduling a text that wishes a client a happy birthday weeks in advance. This can all be done by an advisor’s home office via the new web-based Texting Console for Hearsay Messages.
Financial advisors, insurance agents and their teams now can compliantly text clients and prospects on the device of their choice (either via the web-based Texting Console on their desktop or laptop computers, or the Hearsay Messages mobile app on their smartphones) and build those critical, highly personal client relationships that ultimately lead to increased business.
From a client perspective, this helps boost customer satisfaction and creating loyalty by increasing the number and value of client touch points, on the channels they prefer and expect to communicate.
The numbers back this up. Statistics confirm that 98 percent of text messages are opened, and 90 percent of those messages are read by a recipient within three minutes. Texting is the most effective, efficient way to get in touch with people you know.
In a recent Hearsay survey of more than 2,500 financial advisors and insurance agents, we found that 52 percent currently text for business purposes. Not only is texting the most responsive form of communication, but, clearly, our customers and users overwhelmingly prefer it.
Also, as part of the Advisor Cloud of solutions purpose-built for the unique needs of financial services, Hearsay Messages syncs its data with a firm’s existing corporate CRM and digital marketing initiatives, providing corporate marketers a valuable, data-rich view into advisor marketing and communication activity across channels.
Hearsay Messages helps advisors and the enterprise work smarter, not harder, with these key technology and compliance differentiators that are unique to our offering:

  • Multiple options for capturing attestations or consent from contacts to address consumer privacy laws such as TCPA
  • Highly configurable supervision controls for efficient compliance monitoring of business communications, integrated with Hearsay’s Universal Supervision compliance platform
  • Record keeping and supervision to fulfill requirements from FINRA, SEC, IIROC and other industry regulators
  • Integration and easy synchronization with advisor’s book of business (contacts) and calendars
  • Efficient appointment setting and mobile reminders for client meetings
  • Complete, contextual history of advisor-client digital communication

But don’t just take our word for it. Attend Hearsay’s live webcast with Prudential, a firm that has empowered thousands of their agents to compliantly text clients and successfully increase loyalty. It takes place on Thursday, March 30, at 10:00 AM PST/1:00 PM EST. We look forward to your participation!
Also, check out our press release for more details: New Texting Console for Hearsay Messages Allows Advisors and Teams to Easily, Compliantly Text Clients From Any Device.

Megh Gautam

Megh Gautam oversees mobile development at Hearsay. He previously held stints at Microsoft and several fintech startups, where he worked on banking APIs and bitcoins. Megh has a degree from Stanford in management science and engineering.

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