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3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Mortgage Marketing for Home Buying Season

Spring is technically here, and with it, peak real estate season. For loan officers and brokers, now is time to dust off your mortgage marketing machine and ready it for the busy months ahead.
Check out these three marketing tips to make sure you’re front and center when homebuyers are ready to sign on the dotted line:

1. Create and Distribute New Content

mortgage marketingCreating any old content, throwing it up online, checking a box and walking away is not enough. Effective content marketing should be like an ever-rotating wheel:
At the hub of the wheel should be your updated website and blog. This is your center of gravity; the go-to place for you to show off your professional expertise. If you don’t yet have a mortgage blog, here are five ways to get started (as well as more compelling reasons why you should have one in the first place). Need ideas on what to write about? Start here.
The spokes shooting out of the center of the wheel are your means of distribution: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, email newsletters, etc. For B2C (business to consumer) marketing, Facebook is used 94 percent of the time to distribute content, with Twitter following closely at 82 percent. LinkedIn is at a respectful 76 percent, but more importantly, serves as a second place to publish your longer-form content and reach more readers. In email marketing, the real estate industry has a respectable 13.1 percent click-to-open rate (the baseline for most industries is 10 percent), which can improve if your content is especially timely or relevant.
Whatever distribution mix makes sense for you, the goal should always be to promote your blog content and your website that houses it to those in your sales funnel.

2. Online Customer Experience

How you structure your website, and how your audience in turn engages with it, is crucial. You’re not so much competing against other local loan officers and brokers, but more against their sites. Here are a few points to make sure you’re winning:

The combination of smart design, informative content and readily available contact information will make it more likely potential customers reach out.

3. Online Advertising

Some say the best place to bury a dead body is the second page of a Google search result. Getting people to your website – and all your great content – might require some help in the form of advertising. Start with a budget you can manage, and track the results you’re getting to ensure you’re getting measurable ROI. Here are a couple of places to start:

  • Facebook ads and sponsored posts. Paid Facebook advertising can be a great way to promote a particular blog post or initiative and drive readers to a specific place on your website, as well as to cut through the clutter of noisy social feeds.
  • Pay-per-click optimization through Google. The first position on a Google search result page on a desktop has a 34 percent click-through rate.

Peak real estate season also means peak competition. While this list is not exhaustive, it represents some surefire ways to rev up your mortgage marketing engine and be ready for go time!

Connie Sung Moyle

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