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New Year, New You: 3 Ways to Get Into Social Shape

social media shapeAt Hearsay, we are committed to ensuring that our customers are successful. For example, our Customer Education team holds free monthly trainings for financial advisors and insurance agents, informing them of the latest social media best practices as well as tips and tricks to use not just Hearsay, but social media in general to grow their book of business.
To start the new year off, we held a session this month, “Getting into Social Shape, that focused on helping Hearsay users set some attainable social media goals for the upcoming months. During the training, we walked through a framework for advisors to create goals that are specific, measurable, assignable, realistic and time-related.
Here are three social goals we covered and that you can work toward in 2017.

Goal No. 1: Add 10+ New LinkedIn Connections Each Month

Growing your network is one of the most important things to work towards to achieve social media success. To help meet this goal, try a few of these “exercises”:

  • Include a LinkedIn plugin on your agent/advisor website
  • Update all marketing materials with your vanity URLs
  • Use LinkedIn search to find potential referrals you want to be introduced to

Goal No. 2: Review All Social Activity and Engage

In order to keep your network engaged, you have to make sure that you master the art of dialogue on social. Engagement is very much a two-way street – engage with your network and they will engage back. Here are three ways to flex your communication muscles:

  • Interact with any responses you receive from your posts
  • Set time aside each week to review your posts and measure the engagement they received
  • Each week, make sure you engage (comment, like or share) with content from those in your network

Goal No. 3: Post Original Social Content Twice a Week

Sharing relevant content and insights are great ways to establish credibility and build trust on social media. Posting is also a great way to engage your network and – in turn – grow your social following. Here’s how to turn up the music:

  • Take time once a month to brainstorm content ideas for that month
  • Share information on local events and news
  • Inspirational quotes and open-ended questions can foster great engagement

To help tackle these newly set social resolutions, we have some great sessions coming up that will give advisors the tools they need to find social success. Up next month is a session, “Six Degrees of Social, that will dive into ways advisors can grow their audience and reach with LinkedIn and Facebook. Interested in attending? Contact your Hearsay program manager for more details. See you on social!

Stephanie Pellegrino

Stephanie Pellegrino is responsible for Hearsay’s training and education initiatives and also manages Help Center documentation needs. In her free time, she enjoys reading, doing whatever fitness craze she is in to that particular moment, and spending time with her husband and 4-year-old daughter.

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