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Meet the Hearsay Team: New Year, New Goals

Whether you believe in having specific new year resolutions or not, people tend to set some sort of goal for themselves at some point in the year. We asked members of the Hearsay team what they wanted to accomplish over the next year – both personally and professionally – and found out some awesome things about them. Check out our crew’s goals for 2017:


“I’d like for my phone to not be the first thing I look at when I wake up and last thing I look at before I go to bed.” – Clara Shih / CEO & Founder



“I want to learn to scuba dive!” – Maddy Barry / Recruiting



“I would like to learn how to play the keyboard.” – Shashank Dass / Engineering



“I’d like to do over 30 days of skiing this year.” – Mark Gilbert / Product



“Consume fewer condiments and sauces. I smother everything in them.” – Miguel Cancino / Sales



“I’m going to write a blog post every day in 2017 and continue my tradition of 12 books read in a year.” – Melih Onvural / Product



“Not losing my hair (i.e. going bald). I am turning 27 this month, and that’s the age both my Dad and Grandpa started losing their hair! ;)” – Luca Warsaw / Customer Success, Europe



“My New Year’s resolution is to write a novel. :)” – Lauren Wyatt / Engineering



“I want to train my dog, which my wife and I just rescued. I’d also like to complete a triathlon.” – Brad Purton / Accounting



“Be less sedentary by using my standing desk at least one day during the week.” – Brittany Hedin / Customer Success and Marketing



“Drink more water.” – Connie Sung Moyle / Marketing



“I’d like to make more time for my band. I joined them last year and would like to have our demo done by June.  Also, I’d like to continue working out everyday. I’m on a 58-day streak!” – Lisa Brey / Product



“I want to complete my Rosetta Stone in Mandarin.” – Marissa Lui / People, Infrastructure & Enablement



“My new years resolution is to learn shortcuts on Mac!” – Cerina Camino / Customer Success

On behalf of the entire Hearsay gang, have a happy, healthy 2017! Interested in being part of the Hearsay team? Check out our career openings around the world.

Brittany Hedin

Brittany has been at Hearsay since October 2014 and works as a customer marketing manager. In her spare time, you can find her riding horses or in the mountains.

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