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Coming Soon: Better Compliance Coverage Through LinkedIn APIs

January 25, 2017

LinkedIn will soon be releasing new APIs for compliance workflows. As a LinkedIn partner, we’ve given input and direction to their team as they’ve built these APIs for compliance use cases. We see this investment as another signal that as the premier professional network, LinkedIn understands the importance and needs of regulated users like financial advisors, insurance agents and loan officers.

This investment from LinkedIn for improved API coverage demonstrates:

  • LinkedIn’s full support for API-based compliance tools like Hearsay
  • Support for consistent and reliable coverage for supervision purposes
  • An understanding of supervision scenarios, like deleting improper posts and capturing content users publish and subsequently delete

LinkedIn is investing in API improvements because they see the value of stronger compliance coverage for industries like financial services. Advisors, agents and loan officers want access to the world’s largest professional network, but need to comply with industry and company regulations. When LinkedIn makes the new APIs available for production use, we will migrate the Hearsay system to it. We’ll then be able to leverage new and improved functionality for strong compliance coverage for advisors using Hearsay. Stay tuned for more!


Chris Dickens

Technical Product Manager

Chris Dickens leads the product teams at Hearsay for compliance, platform and integrations.

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