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A Quick Look at LinkedIn’s New User Experience

Update: LinkedIn is targeting the week of January 16, 2017, for its next phase of this UX rollout, which will bump traffic from 5 percent to 25 percent globally.
Yes, LinkedIn is rolling out a new and improved user experience (UX). The new layout is simple, clean and available now to a small percentage of users. (A slow rollout will follow.) This design evolution is inspired by LinkedIn’s easy-to-use mobile app and brings much of that simplicity to the desktop experience. The platform will now look and feel more consistent no matter where you choose to access it.
As a partner, we’ve been working with LinkedIn to prepare for this update and are excited to provide a preview of what new features you can expect on the platform. It’s important to note that there are no changes to LinkedIn’s API functionality or our enterprise compliance functionality and coverage on the social network. The majority of this update is in the look and feel of LinkedIn’s desktop experience.

What’s Changing on Your LinkedIn Profile

Here are the most evident changes to LinkedIn’s look:

New LinkedIn home screen
New LinkedIn home screen

1. One place to share content and publish posts. This placement may encourage more content publishing.
2. The link to see who has viewed your profile. Elevating these stats encourages users to keep their LinkedIn profiles up-to-date.
3. Updated navigation bar. This mimics the look and feel of LinkedIn’s mobile app.
New LinkedIn profile screen
New LinkedIn profile screen

4. Links to add new profile sections, view your public profile and more. Organizing these options in the sidebar allows your profile section itself to become less noisy.
5. Suggestions to improve your profile. These suggestions remain front and center to help users make the most of their professional presence.
New LinkedIn profile update lightbox
New LinkedIn profile update lightbox

6. Updates to your profile are now made inside of a lightbox like this, instead of directly on your profile page itself. This may make the process of editing a profile more straightforward for all users.
Please keep in mind that as LinkedIn continues to roll out this new and improved UX, it may not look 100 percent as it does here by the time you receive it. If you are a Hearsay customer, your Customer Success Manager will keep you updated as this rollout continues.

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