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Janney Montgomery Scott’s Winning Digital Strategies for Content and Connecting with Millennials

Clara Shih, Karen Shakoske, and Chris Johnson

Connecting with the next generation of wealth through digital marketing is a massive opportunity, according to leaders at Janney Montgomery Scott, an east coast-based firm that’s been serving clients since 1832. The customer journey has changed, especially for millennials. “They’re digital-first,” said Karen Shakoske, SVP and Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication at Janney. “It’s not only online or only in person – it’s a blend of the two.”
To connect with younger clients, advisors have to be online. “It’s about how you get in front of the children and the grandchildren of your current clients,” said Chris Johnson, Manager of Advisor Marketing and Communication at the firm. To this end, Janney teams sometimes have younger advisors help lead digital marketing efforts for their team, proactive on social media, websites and even running webinars. Moving from channel to channel is a waster of advisors’ time, said Johnson. “With Hearsay, they can connect all their accounts through one easy-to-use dashboard,” he said. “Once you’re in the library of content, you’re clicking two buttons to push this content to all of your profiles.”
Janney advisors post a mix of industry and personal content to reach both young and older clients. Johnson said industry content, or “advice beyond investing content” performs well on LinkedIn and websites – articles on financial, retirement and social security planning. On Facebook and Twitter, interpersonal and human interest content resonates best. The most successful advisors on digital mix in their personal content across channels, writing long-form LinkedIn posts and sharing events on their websites.
Another key to Janney’s digital strategy is how the team distributes a single piece of content across channels. They have an acronym in-house to describe their content strategy – COPE, or “Create Once, Publish Everywhere. ” Once a piece is published, advisors can print it, email it, and it goes straight into the Hearsay Content Library so advisors can push it out across their social media networks and websites. “We do it all in the same day,” Johnson said. “It’s become part of advisors’ routine and we remind them to print it, put it on social, post it on your website.”
To watch the full webcast with Janney Montgomery Scott’s Karen Shakoske, SVP and Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication, Chris Johnson, Manager of Advisor Marketing and Communication, and Hearsay CEO and Co-Founder Clara Shih, check out the full webcast.

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