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#HSonAir Podcast: Kicking off Dreamforce 2016 with's Chief Digital Evangelist Vala Afshar #DF16

Dreamforce (#DF16) has officially landed here in San Francisco this week, and with it we’re honored to share the Hearsay on Air mic with Vala Afshar (@valaafshar), Chief Digital Evangelist.
Clara Shih of Hearsay and Vala Afshar of SalesforceAs one of the most social media-savvy C-level execs out there, Vala is someone who truly embodies the “practice what you preach” philosophy. In addition to his work at Salesforce, he co-hosts a weekly TV show, DisrupTV, and writes for The Huffington Post about digital marketing and information technology, and the changing role of CIOs, CMOs and CDOs. And to say that he’s a Twitter power user is an understatement.
In #HSonAir episode 90, Hearsay CEO and founder Clara Shih (@clarashih) interviews Vala about his role at Salesforce, how he got bitten by the social media bug, and what the future of social and digital holds for both consumers and businesses. Among many other insights, Vala shares:

  • What has changed in the way companies view social media since the publication of his book, The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence
  • Why relevancy is the currency of today’s hyper-connected economy
  • What success looks like for a company pursuing social business excellence
  • Why the future of marketing is customer service
  • Where data analytics is going, from descriptive (based on past behavior) to predictive (forecasting future behavior) to prescriptive (suggested next best actions)
  • Where he goes to stay on top of the latest innovations and to find inspiration

Listen to the podcast here:

Will you be among the 171,000 people expected to attend Dreamforce this week? Be sure to add Clara’s keynote, “Leadership Equality: Women in the Boardroom” (Thursday, Oct. 6, 9:30-10:30am PT, Moscone West Level 2) to your Dreamforce schedule!
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(Editor’s note: Check out our full Dreamforce coverage here!)

Victor Gaxiola

Thought leader, speaker, host of the #HSonAir podcast. Evangelist for digital tech adoption in financial services.

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