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How American Family Insurance Invests in 1-on-1 Relationships, Websites and Social Media to Supercharge Agency Marketing

claratelisaIn an increasingly competitive market, insurance agents have to double down on the activities that help drive business, especially when trying to reach millennials. According to American Family Insurance CMO Telisa Yancy, it’s important to focus on building 1-on-1 relationships and using local websites and social media to strengthen those connections.
There are a lot of misconceptions about how to reach younger clients or “digital natives,” Yancy said. But recent research from American Family proves millennials crave personal relationships. “They value them more than any other generation before,” said Yancy. “The real trick for our agents is to how to combine digital, mobile and social tools with these personal relationships.”
But it’s not just a personal relationship with any agent. According to a report by American Family, 72 percent of customers prefer to work with a specific insurance agent over a group of people in a call center. Younger clients want a named agent who knows them and can advise them over a long period of time, as their needs change, Yancy said.
Technology empowers agents to do their jobs better and connect locally, Yancy said. By using agent websites and social media, agents can tell their brand stories. “Their websites are just as critical and have just as much capacity to be unique as their storefronts,” Yancy said. For decades, American Family agents have been involved in their communities across 19 states. But now, their presence online through their personal websites and social media pages lets them show off that involvement.
Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 8.25.23 PMWhat’s more, corporate content now gets more engagement by leveraging local agent marketing. For Father’s Day, American Family launched a digital campaign called Dad Insurance. The video tells the story about the role insurance plays when a young boy is going after his dream. The team launched the video exclusively on social media, and as it gained popularity, decided to let agents localize the content in their hometowns.
At the end of the localized version, the boy walks past an agent’s local office. The video went viral with more than six million views. “This is the type of 1-to-1 material you can do in a digital world that makes your brand seem larger than life,” Yancy said. By customizing content, agents also have a local, community message that’s in line with the corporate brand. This project made Yancy particularly excited about how corporate and local agents could work together on digital campaigns, said Yancy. “I’m proud of our agents for letting us experiment with how we continue to move the brand forward.”
To watch the full webcast with CMO Telisa Yancy and Hearsay CEO and Co-Founder Clara Shih, check out the full webcast.

Alissa Dos Santos

As a Senior Product Marketing Manager, Alissa brings products to life through storytelling. She has a background in enterprise technology, social media and journalism. Before working in tech, Alissa was a television reporter.

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