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Introducing Social Media Training for Advisors and Agents

social media educationAs part of our deep commitment to customer success, the Hearsay Education team has been hard at work the past few months creating free live, virtual training sessions for advisors and agents who currently have access to the Hearsay Social platform.
Delivered twice a month, each 45-minute session is designed to ensure advisors are taking advantage of the latest social media best practices and to help increase social media adoption.
Each live, virtual session is 30 minutes in length with an additional 15 minutes of Q&A. Past training sessions have covered topics like how to get into social shape, which taught advisors how to set attainable social media goals, and how to grow an audience with social, where we offered industry tips and tricks on how advisors can use Facebook or LinkedIn to truly broaden their network.
Check out these upcoming sessions:
September: Turning Likes Into $$$
In this session, advisors will learn how to build their business using social. They’ll get specific tips to help turn likes, connections and fans into potential selling opportunities.
October: Social Superstitions
In this session, we’ll debunk some of the common social media myths and superstitions that leave advisors scared and unsure about how to use social media for business.
November: Rinse, Social, Later Repeat
This session will be all about how advisors can integrate social into their day to day. They’ll learn how to incorporate the use of social into their daily/weekly activities.
With every training session, we also emphasize that it is critical for advisors to adhere to their organization’s specific social media policy.
For dates, more detailed outlines of upcoming sessions, and advisor registration links, program managers and administrators should log into their Hearsay Social application, then go to: Help Center > Corporate Admin Section > Hearsay Monthly Training.

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