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Local SEO for Financial Services: 10 Insights From the Experts [SlideShare]

March 10, 2016

Ranking high in local search results used to mean simply using local qualifiers or keywords to drive traffic to a site.

Today, it’s essential to have SEO-optimized websites that are also mobile-friendly. That’s because mobile searches often have local intent, and competition is extremely tight for the top spots on Google.

What’s more, searchers don’t always have to type in explicit geographical language (“Seattle”) to get local search results. Google, for example, can identify searchers by IP address, even when a local search is implied (“financial advisor”).

In this SlideShare, Local SEO for Financial Advisors, we’ve rounded up the latest insights from 10 SEO experts, in no particular order, to highlight the importance of local SEO for advisor websites.

Check out what these 10 experts have to say about Local SEO in 2016 and beyond:

  • Michael Kitces, @MichaelKitces, Partner, Pinnacle Advisory Group
  • Brent Carnduff, @BrentCarnduff, Founder and Owner, Advisor Web Marketing
  • Brian Hart, @BrianHartPR, Founder and President, Flackable 
  • Greg Kroleski, @GregKroleski, Product Manager, Hearsay Social
  • Justin Kuepper, @jdkuepper, Financial Analyst and Web Developer, JDK Commerce, Inc. 
  • Dudley Carr, @dudley, General Manager, Moz Local
  • Brian Dean, @backlinko, Founder, Backlinko
  • Richard Bucich, @rbucich, SEO Product Marketing Manager, Online Real Estate Services Industry
  • Mike Blumenthal @mblumenthal, Local Expert,
  • Megan Healy, @Meg_Healy_, PR Pro, Tonic Life Communications

For a more in depth look at how to leverage local SEO tactics into your overall marketing strategy, download Making the Shift From Corporate to Local Marketing.

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