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Digital Technology Transformation and Adoption at RPM Mortgage

In the past year, I’ve had the good fortune of sitting down twice with Amy Malloy, Social Media Marketing Specialist at RPM Mortgage, to understand how they are empowering their loan advisors to leverage social media to connect with clients and prospects. The result of our meetings were a short recorded video and a longer form Hearsay Social on the Air podcast.
Video Case Study
In this video, Amy shares how social media has impacted the ability for their loan advisors to reach and connect with clients and prospects in a more dynamic way to tell their stories and stay connected. Through social media, they’ve managed to increase referrals and stay top of mind, all while leveraging the ease of use of the Hearsay Social integrated platform.

Hearsay Social on the Air Podcast
Earlier this year, Amy visited our offices again and we recorded a special Customer Spotlight podcast to explore further some of the ideas introduced in the video, including looking at how RPM Mortgage is analyzing the value of social media and what is driving people to make buying decisions.

In both instances, Amy provided insight on how the mortgage industry, and specifically RPM Mortgage, is using technology to react to changing regulations and customer expectations. By empowering their loan advisors with the technology to tell their stories, connect with customers, and measure their success, they are embracing the digital transformation necessary today, to thrive in our digital world.

Victor Gaxiola

Thought leader, speaker, host of the #HSonAir podcast. Evangelist for digital tech adoption in financial services.

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