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Social Business Adoption – Step 5: Four Ways to Amp Up the (Friendly) Competition

shutterstock_174735368This blog post is step five of Hearsay Social’s Six-Step Program to Boost Social Business Adoption across the enterprise. Check back next week for the last step, step six.

One great way to increase participation in your firm’s social business program is to take advantage of the natural competitiveness inherent in your best performers and salespeople. Get this key group of stakeholders excited and, in turn, encourage the wider field to get involved by stoking some friendly competition.
Use tried-and-true gamification techniques such as scorecards, badges and leaderboards to keep track of behaviors that the social business program has been set up to measure and grow. These metrics might include the number of times advisors or agents log into their company’s social media management platform, the number of content pieces they publish, or by how much their networks grow over a certain period of time.
Here are ideas to step up your gamification game:

  1. Offer a reward tied to a key program success metric. For example, one company gave out a prize – Super Bowl tickets – to the regional sales manager with the highest percent increase in usage of the social business technology platform.
  2. Make it fun, engaging and easy. Run the idea by a few members of your target audience before rolling the game out broadly, to ensure it will appeal to the largest subset of users possible. Remember, though, that not every single salesperson will want to participate. But for those who do, it’s important to keep the excitement going throughout the contest period.
  3. Create, publish and share a leaderboard, scorecard or another method to keep track of those who are at the top of their game – literally. This helps jump-start competition, highlight the most active participants and attract people who are not already in the program.
  4. Run a “30 days of social” campaign to bring additional visibility to the program.

adoption-guideFor more success insights on how to educate the field and arm them for success, as well as Hearsay Social’s entire six-step framework for social business adoption across the enterprise, get our new, free Social Business Adoption Guide now.
To learn more about Hearsay Social’s training options, contact your sales representative or customer success manager.
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