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Social Business Adoption: Step 3 – Provide Ongoing Training and Ample Access to Education

shutterstock_248646679This blog post is step three of Hearsay Social’s Six-Step Program to Boost Social Business Adoption across the enterprise. Check back next week for step four.
At the end of the day, the success of a social business training program relies on how well your employees (e.g., field reps, agents, advisors) are actively leveraging it to not only grow their own social networks, but cull potential business from them.
Once you have a training and education plan in place (see steps one and two), you must plan for contingencies based on new hires, new product functionalities and the latest news in social business. Ideally, you’ll have an ongoing advisor-driven “learning engine” that provides insights, best practices and metrics around social business success across the field.
Here are six tips on how to stay top of mind through advisor training; offer these on a weekly, monthly or even quarterly basis:

  1. Live, remote instructor-led training sessions (via GoToMeeting or WebEx)
  2. In-person field training
  3. On-demand recorded training (Easy idea: Record all your sessions and trainings to be accessible any time)
  4. Self-guided training via the firm’s company Intranet
  5. On-site training at sales conferences
  6. Hearsay Social’s Standard (Web-based) or Premier (on-demand subscription) Training

adoption-guideFor more success insights on how to educate the field and arm them for success, as well as Hearsay Social’s entire six-step framework for social business adoption across the enterprise, get our new, free Social Business Adoption Guide now.
To learn more about Hearsay Social’s training options, contact your sales representative or customer success manager.
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