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Introducing Hearsay Mail, an Efficient Email Marketing Solution for Advisors and Agents

October 8, 2015

Mail Photo2_logoMany of us spend a significant portion of our day using email. Even with today’s ever-changing technology landscape, email remains one of the most effective methods to engage with customers. In fact, according to one study, 72% of consumers say email is their preferred channel of communication with companies.

Yet, cutting through the noise in inboxes is getting harder and harder. Open rates for marketing email campaigns are decreasing and, in comparison to other industries, the average email open rates for financial services are among the lowest.

Today, we are excited to announce Hearsay Mail, the latest technology in our Predictive Social Suite, which will make it easy for companies and advisors to efficiently reach and engage with customers through personalized emails at scale.

The average consumer’s inbox is dominated by promotional emails and transactional emails, leaving only 18% of their inbox for personal email messages – those sent from friends, family, peers and individual contacts. This small portion of consumers’ inboxes tends to be the most engaging.

With our new Hearsay Mail offering, busy advisors and agents can send relevant, personal emails without spending their time building complex campaigns or finding approved content to share with contacts.

Adding Hearsay Mail to the Predictive Social Suite means that financial professionals will have a third channel of communication available through the familiar Hearsay Dashboard. In addition to engaging with clients and prospects through social media and their advisor website, they can also send targeted email campaigns.

Hearsay Mail will offer significant efficiencies for marketing and compliance users as a part of the Predictive Social Suite as well. Instead of having to log-in to up to three separate systems to deliver content and review activity for social media, websites and email, marketing teams and compliance staff can save time by going to the Predictive Social Suite to get their jobs done for all three channels. IT organizations also will benefit from not having to build and maintain three separate systems and the related integrations.

Key benefits of Hearsay Mail will include:

  • Efficient email campaigns for advisors – Built with advisors and agents in mind, Hearsay Mail will offer simple-to-use tools that put the control into the hands of advisors.
  • Higher open rates – Providing local relationship-managers with the tools to efficiently send personalized and personal emails delivers higher open rates than traditional marketing email campaigns.  
  • Complete view of contacts – As a part of the Predictive Social Suite for Advisors, Hearsay Mail analytics will be visible side by side with social information, providing a complete multi-channel view of contacts.
  • Easy solution for advisors to deliver corporate content – The Content Library will provide advisors a library of pre-approved content to curate using their individual knowledge of each contact.
  • Subscribe contacts to automated campaigns – Email Campaign Subscriptions will allow advisors to subscribe contacts to topical automated email campaigns powered by their marketing team.  
  • Leverages existing compliance platform Built on the Hearsay Enterprise Platform, Hearsay Mail will give companies insight into what emails are being sent and the compliance controls necessary for regulated industries.

To learn more about Hearsay Mail and read comments from several industry leaders, check out our press release.

Steve Garrity

COO and Founder

Steve Garrity is an expert in developing scalable enterprise software solutions. In addition to his leadership role at Hearsay, Steve is an investor in – and advisor to – a number of Silicon Valley startups.

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