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Introducing the Corporate-to-Local Marketing Guide for Financial Services Companies [New eBook]

In a recent study by Google, 94% of consumers search for local information on their smartphones and 85% of those people take action based on the search results – meaning they’ll visit a local business or call a sales professional. As the buyer’s journey has largely shifted online, it is increasingly important for companies, especially trust-based companies within the financial services and insurance industry, to connect with consumers where they are researching, seeking advice, or contemplating a purchase.
In our latest ebook, Making the Shift from Corporate to Local Marketing: Five Ways to Maximize Advisor Success in the Digital Age, we outline how financial services companies can leverage new technologies to engage clients and prospects at the local level.
Download the ebook to learn how to leverage local marketing tactics into your overall marketing strategy by:

  • Aligning your corporate brand with your local presence
  • Localizing your advisor and agent websites
  • Creating and maintaining easily shareable and accessible content across all digital channels
  • Enabling deeper client relationships through personalized communication
  • Integrating social media into your local events strategy

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Nicole Johnson

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