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Customer Spotlight: Advisor Use of Social Media Thrives at Thrivent Financial (VIDEO)

This blog post is part of our Customer Spotlight Series designed to showcase a Hearsay Social customer, share their experiences with our technology, and highlight the benefits they are reaping from it. Here, Kyle Marie Woods shares her thoughts on how leveraging technology like Hearsay Social is making an impact at Thrivent Financial.
It’s no secret how social media is making a big impact with financial services firms. One such firm, Thrivent Financial, is harnessing the power of social media to discover new ways of creating value and mutual benefit for both company and customer. In fact, just today at the 6th annual LIMRA LOMA Social Media Conference  (#LLSMC), Thrivent Financial took home a coveted Silver Bowl Award for “Best Use of Social Media by an Advisor/Agent.” (Congratulations @Thrivent and @HannahThrivent!)
In this short video, Kyle Marie Woods (@kylemarie), Marketing Manager at Thrivent Financial, shares how their team is leveraging social media via Hearsay Social to connect with clients and prospects, and grow their business. As a fraternal organization, community is a big part of what makes Thrivent stand out from others, and social media is a big part of connecting with their existing membership to reach out efficiently and quickly. (For additional insights, check out Thrivent Financial’s success story to learn how the company equips their field representatives to compliantly use social media via Hearsay Social to achieve success.)

Watch the video below to learn more about the business value that social media provides at Thrivent Financial.


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