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LinkedIn's Finance Marketer Guide: Steering Your Company to an Always-On Social Strategy

March 25, 2015

AlwaysOn_ebook_header imageLinkedIn certainly knows a thing or two about growing a brand. After all, it has steered the company beyond so much more than just a recruiting platform from the early days. Today, with more than 300 million members globally, LinkedIn has become an essential marketing resource for today’s actively engaged B2B and B2C marketers.

To help move the financial industry forward, LinkedIn recently announced its first Always-On Marketing Guide for Finance Marketers, a free downloadable guide that offers a road map for steering companies to an always-on social strategy from an events-based strategy. The guide offers helpful tips and best practices from leading social media specialists and thought leaders, including insights from two of our very own leaders at Hearsay Social, Clara Shih (CEO and Founder) and Yasmin Zarabi (Head of Legal and Compliance).

Other leaders and strategists who are featured in the guide include:

  • Shane Snow, Chief Creative Officer, Contently
  • Paul Butcher, Head of Digital Communications, Citi
  • Jennifer Grazel, Global Head of Category Development-Financial Services, LinkedIn
  • Lorin Suslow, Social Media Marketing Strategist, BlackRock
  • Amy Mcllwain, President, Financial Social Media
  • Linda Descano, Managing Director and Global Head of Content & Social, Citi
  • Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman, Templeton Emerging Markets Group, Franklin Templeton Investments
  • and several others!

Below are just some of the highlights presented in this visually-stimulating guide:

On What it Means to Be ‘Always-on?’

The term “always-on” in the context of finance marketing means taking a look at your existing systems and processes and figuring out a way to provide continuous content on behalf of your target audiences.

According to Lorin Suslow, Social Media Marketing Strategist at BlackRock:

“Always-on leads to quality content generated on a consistent basis. A successful always-on strategy involves establishing an editorial calendar that addresses both organic evergreen and real-time content.”

Michael Weir, Sr. Director Digital Marketing at Pivotal, says:

“In a world of continuous conversations and relationship building, branding and lead generation don’t have to lead separate lives. They should be part of a continuum—an ongoing conversation with the market that allows you to find the customers who are… in market to buy.”

What Stops Financial Marketers from Pursuing an Always-on Strategy?

We’ve seen some of the roadblocks that keep some finance marketers from pursuing an always-on strategy, and the guide summarizes it nicely:

  • “It’s not free”
  • Top management foot-dragging
  • Siloed organizations
  • Legal and compliance concerns
  • The measurement conundrum

How To Set Your Company Up for Success

Steering your company towards success means taking a collaborative approach where everyone in the company takes ownership. It may not always be easy, but it’s an important process to break down the walls within an organization.

This includes working hand-in-hand with legal and compliance and, as Yasmin Zarabi states:

“Through a combination of technology, training, and policy, we have proven we can engage in a productive dialogue with regulators and develop an effective working model that empowers firms, marketing teams, and regulated employees to successfully engage and delight customers.”

How To Use All Your Players

The guide talks about the importance of leveraging the people who work for your organization — from top management to product experts – and how they can be your most valuable source of content.

Clara Shih makes this point by stating:

“In the social era, traditional marketing, sales, product, and customer service functional silos must give way to a cohesive and customer-centric experience. Sales and marketing alignment has never been more important.”

The guide offers much more in terms of the challenges marketers face, as well as practical solutions for moving companies forward.

Download the full guide for more insightful information.

Nicole Johnson

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