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Introducing Hearsay Social’s Predictive Social Suite for Advisors

Mobile, social, and web technologies are changing the way we live and work – including how consumers discover and make important buying decisions regarding financial products and services. Over 40% of high-net worth individuals under the age of 40 cite social media as important for accessing information on financial products or services, and this number keeps growing.
Today, we proudly enable over 100,000 advisors, agents, bankers, wholesalers, and other financial relationship managers worldwide to connect and deepen client relationships on social media while staying compliant. In recent months, a growing number of you told us “Social has become essential, but the social channel alone is not enough.”
Well, we listened, and today I am thrilled to unveil our new Predictive Social Suite (read today’s coverage on CNBC). Starting today, advisors can “hear” and “say” not only on social channels but across multiple digital channels, all from a single dashboard.
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The need to modernize traditional sales organizations and help advisors compete against the onslaught of disruptive consumer technologies, such as “robo-advice” websites, has quickly become the defining issue of financial industry CEOs and boards of directors.
Penn Mutual is one such forward-thinking Hearsay Social customer. We had a chance to brief their CEO, Eileen McDonnell, on our new platform and were honored by what she had to say: “Hearsay Social’s Predictive Social Suite is precisely the set of technologies advisors need to stay relevant and productive with today’s digital and socially savvy clients.”
As part of our new Predictive Social Suite, we are today also unveiling a new product, Hearsay Sites, a responsive, mobile-first advisor website solution. With Hearsay Sites, advisors can easily post tailored content to their websites from the same central Hearsay Social dashboard they currently use to manage social media engagement. Soon, advisors will also be able to receive predictive notifications of website visitor activity for follow-up – for example, being alerted that a particular client might be interested in a college 529 plan. Hearsay Sites also comes with built-in search engine optimization (SEO) and enterprise supervision and compliance through the Hearsay Enterprise Platform.
With the Predictive Social Suite, advisors can manage listening, engagement, compliance, publishing, and analytics across multiple digital channels all within one powerful suite.
To learn more about today’s exciting news, view the press release.
For additional insights, be sure to download our executive report on The Advisor of the Future: How to Stay Relevant in the Digital Age, and watch my keynote presentation from the 2014 Annual LIMRA Conference.
Take a look at some additional press coverage below:

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Clara Shih

A pioneer in the social media industry, Clara developed the first social business application in 2007. Her latest book, The Social Business Imperative, is a Wall Street Journal-featured bestseller. She is a member of the Starbucks board of directors.

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