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At f8 2014: Facebook's renewed focus on stability and predictability is fantastic news for our customers

1560475_10152244863990798_170618524_nFacebook’s f8 developers conference was a bit different this year.
In the past, f8 has typically been a sporadically scheduled event where Facebook takes the opportunity to announce huge new features. The “Like” button & social graph were both announced at previous conferences.
This year, there were a number of new features announced that will push forward the mobile app industry–most of them focused around consumer applications. I am personally excited about app links, anonymous logins and audience network because these are the types of infrastructural changes that will allow creative developers to continue evolving the mobile app space.
At the same time, however, most of those changes aren’t particularly relevant to Hearsay Social’s current product offering. But there was one huge shift at f8 worth talking about: a very public shift towards stability and predictability.
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, took the stage and shared some reflections he’d noticed as Facebook entered it’s 11th year and as he soon enters his 30th. In giant letters above him the famous mantra appeared: “Move fast and break things”. This mantra is much-loved by innovative Silicon Valley developers because it is justification to innovate at all costs, even if that means periodic downtime or bugs.
But as he spoke, the image behind him changed to “Move fast with stable infra.”

It “may not be quite as catchy as ‘move fast and break things.’ But it’s how we operate now.” Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, at last week’s f8 developers conference.

Our biggest takeaway

At Hearsay Social, we build software for many of the world’s largest companies. And large companies, due to their many moving parts, require ¬†predictability and stability to ensure effectiveness. Many of these companies operate with strict regulations, further intensifying the need for stability and predictability.
We strive to iterate fast and innovate often, while also balancing the predictability needs of our customers. This is a core value at Hearsay Social and something our CTO and founder Steve Garrity talks about often. We help “match the pace of Silicon Valley with the pace of the Fortune 100.”
The fact that Facebook has publicly committed to APIs that last for two years, 48 hour turnaround on major bug fixes and more visibility into changes is great news for Hearsay Social and our customers. The additional stability of one of the platforms we build on will allow us to pass on additional stability of our platform to our customers. This is a win.
We are excited that Facebook has acknowledged that the long term success of their company depends on the trust and participation of large companies. We are excited that they see that this trust increasing as they add stability and predictability. Finally, we are excited that we get to represent many of these companies by continuing to develop the Hearsay Social solution, which allows our customers to leverage the power of social connections.
Thank you Mark and team for your commitment to stability. We look forward to building on your platform for years to come.

Greg Kroleski

With a background in data science, SEO and analytics, Greg Kroleski owned the creation and launch of the Hearsay Sites product from conception to sales and implementation.

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