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Proud to partner with LinkedIn to help our customers be compliant and grow business on social media

linkedin and hearsay social

We’re excited to be on stage today at LinkedIn’s 3rd Annual Financial Industry Summit, FinanceConnect, to unveil our expanded partnership and new all-in-one solution, Hearsay Social for LinkedIn, that makes it easy, centralized, scalable for financial firms to unleash the power of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and LinkedIn Sales Solutions across all  brand, business unit, and relationship manager presences on social media.

In addition to partnering with Royal Bank of Canada (I spoke on stage alongside John Taft, CEO of US Wealth Management at RBC), some of our other favorite customers Raymond James, Sun Life Financial and Allianz Global Investors also participated in our announcement. Recognizing the financial industry’s unique challenges and working with Hearsay Social’s team of compliance experts, LinkedIn has answered the demand from the industry and together we are addressing your regulatory and compliance requirements in addition to making it easier than ever before to drive business growth.

The ROI potential of social business is already being felt: a study by FTI Consulting found that 71% of financial advisors today use at least one social network for business and 62% report gaining new clients through their use of LinkedIn. Compliance and regulatory concerns, however, have sometimes slowed down how much advisors and firms could accomplish on the social network.

A new (easier) way forward

Starting this week, we are thrilled to expand our partnership with LinkedIn to provide an easier, more streamlined interface for corporate marketers, line of business marketers, individual relationship managers, and compliance officers alike.  As some of you know, Hearsay Social began four years ago focused on individual profiles, signing on tens of thousands of your advisors, wholesalers, bankers, retirement consultants, mortgage officers, and other sales reps. In the last 12 months, many of you have asked for us to also provide support for your LinkedIn Company Pages and LinkedIn Groups. Well, you asked for it, and now we are delivering.

In short, Hearsay Social for LinkedIn provides a single, easy-to-use, and compliant solution for all the disparate pages, profiles, and Group activities across your organization:

1. Hearsay Social for LinkedIn Company Pages: Corporate and business-unit marketing teams can now take advantage of LinkedIn Company Pages to establish thought leadership and branding while ensuring compliance. Paired with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Hearsay Social allows financial firms to publish and share relevant and targeted content with clients, prospects, and recruits on LinkedIn.

Hearsay Social for LinkedIn Company Pages

2. Hearsay Social for Advisors and Wholesalers: In the field, relationship managers such as advisors, wholesalers, and sales reps can now use Hearsay Social to seamlessly update their LinkedIn profiles with compliance-approved content, expanding brand reach and keeping advisors top of mind with customers and prospects. Hearsay Social goes hand-in-hand with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn’s enterprise social sales solution, seamlessly plugging in compliance, a content library, and roll-up content analytics to complement Sales Navigator’s TeamLink, InMail, and alerts features.

In addition, Hearsay Social’s integration with LinkedIn’s new APIs will drastically streamline profile pre-approval for compliance field supervisors.

3. Hearsay Social for LinkedIn Groups: Advisors can now find and compliantly engage with customers, prospects, and peers who participate in common interests and topics within LinkedIn Groups. Using Hearsay Social with LinkedIn Groups, advisors are able to demonstrate their expertise, build credibility and connect with a broader set of individuals beyond their direct connections while meeting compliance requirements.

Here’s what Mary De Paoli (CMO at Sun Life) had to say about the news: “Through LinkedIn Company Pages, financial advisor profiles, and LinkedIn Groups, Sun Life has been able to amplify our voice and reach while growing relationships with customers and prospects. Hearsay Social’s easy-to-use platform helps us to use LinkedIn and other social networks to expand our network and grow our business.”

We are proud to be your partner across all the ways you use LinkedIn and to work with you to drive social business success across your company.

To see what else we talked about at the LinkedIn Summit today, see here.

Clara Shih

A pioneer in the social media industry, Clara developed the first social business application in 2007. Her latest book, The Social Business Imperative, is a Wall Street Journal-featured bestseller. She is a member of the Starbucks board of directors.

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