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How Hearsay Social has positively impacted Thrivent Financial's business

As a Fortune 500 financial services organization, Thrivent Financial manages approximately $90 billion in assets for nearly 2.5 million customers. And today they are one of the most innovative financial firms using social media for business.
In the below video, we sat down with Compliance and Sales leaders at Thrivent to hear about how social media has impacted their organization. First, we hear about the program’s business drivers from Knut Olson (SVP, Financial Network, Thrivent Financial), who notes that one cohort (versus a control group)¬†experienced a 22% increase in customer acquisition mostly driven by social media.
Additionally, we hear from Paul Johnston (VP and Deputy General Counsel, Thrivent Financial) on overcoming the early compliance hurdles of social media. Check it out:

Ronny Kerr

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