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Why social sales?

The following is an excerpt from The Social Era Demands Social Selling, a new ebook outlining how sales organizations can leverage social networks to grow business.

When people think about businesses engaging on social media, most still tend to think of social marketing campaigns. A viral video from a global beverage company. Holiday coupons shared across the social networks. Scheduled tweets advertising upcoming promotions.
Today, however, we are witnessing a sea change in how businesses approach social media. Social media is rapidly becoming more essential for sales forces than it is for corporate marketing departments.
This is already the case for many top companies. A recent Forrester study cited the largest deployment of the Hearsay Social Sales Solution as three times larger than the largest social marketing software deployment, demonstrating the extensive impact of empowering salespeople on social media. Day in and day out, these non-technical employees leverage Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks to share business-related content and bolster the relationships they have with their customers and prospects.
In the following chapters, we break down why social media makes sense for salespeople, how to develop an intelligent social media strategy for large organizations, how marketing can support sales with content, and more. Let this guide be a resource for you when developing your company’s social sales strategy.

Continue reading about the power of social sales in “The Social Era Demands Social Selling,” available for download here.

Ronny Kerr

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