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Reestablishing trust via social media: Hearsay Social keynote panel at LinkedIn's Global Financial Services Summit

The Hearsay Social team was delighted to join LinkedIn and executives from across the financial industry in New York last week to discuss how marketing and sales strategies are evolving due to the seismic shift in online behavior from social media.
The impressive lineup of industry experts discussed everything from the state of the economy to the future of regulation and compliance on social media to an audience of 300 senior marketing and business leaders from around the globe.
Our CEO Clara Shih, who blogs regularly about social enterprise topics on LinkedIn, spoke on a fascinating keynote panel alongside Sallie Krawcheck (@SallieKrawcheck), Past President of Merrill Lynch and Herb Greenberg (@herbgreenberg) of CNBC. In their discussion, moderated by Dan Roth (@danroth), Executive Editor at LinkedIn, they discussed the impact social content on LinkedIn has had on them and their businesses. With some examples from some of the financial services firms Hearsay Social works with, Clara highlighted how social content can help financial advisors become experts in their field. Here is the video recording:

Earlier in the day, Jill Schlesinger (@jillonmoney), Senior Business Analyst at CBS News, gave a talk on the state of the economy, and encouraged organizations to speak to consumers in ‘their’ language: “If you can’t figure out a way to communicate with people in a way that they can take that information in, its useless.” She also highlighted the importance of regulation to consumer protection:

Eileen Loustau, Global Director of Social Media at Blackrock/iShares, highlighted how social media can help organizations ‘humanize’ themselves. Saying, on social media, “try to be a person, not a company.”

A recurring theme throughout the day was how pervasive social media has become across financial services firms. Already, 1 out of every 3 professionals on the planet is on LinkedIn, according to David Hahn, Vice President of Product at LinkedIn. And those numbers are only growing.

Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih and Jennifer Grazel, Global Head of Category Development – Financial Services, LinkedIn

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