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5 steps to building a great LinkedIn Company Page

Significantly more than just a recruiting tool, your LinkedIn Company Page is an ideal place to showcase your business, from its products to its people.

With more than 225 million members around the world, LinkedIn is the go-to place for professionals to network online and learn about your company. Before they do business with you, potential customers are researching your company and looking to understand who you are. Today much of this research happens online before engaging with a live company representative. Treat your LinkedIn Company Page like prime real estate to inform these millions of professionals on the latest news from your company, products and services you offer, business opportunities, and job openings.

Here are five easy steps to building and maintaining a great LinkedIn Company Page:

1. Make it complete

Having a complete profile is essential for both individual professionals as well as businesses. Your LinkedIn company page should not only describe what your company does at a high level, but also drill down on specific specialties. LinkedIn lets each company explain in detail their various products and services, so make sure to represent all your company’s different lines of business (if you have them) or different products. For example, an insurance company may take this opportunity to present both its home insurance policies as well as its life insurance policies.

2. Choose a strong cover photo

Today, it’s understood that the key to driving engagement on social networks lies in the effective use of visual content. On LinkedIn, it’s no different. The first thing visitors will see on your company page is the large cover photo, so make sure it looks professional, reflects the attributes of your brand, and gives the visitor a reason to look around some more. In the below example, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans highlights its family-based values and logo, complementing its dedication to providing financial services.

Feel free to update your cover photo periodically to reflect new product launches, expansions, or simply to refresh the look, while always staying true to the brand.

3. Share great content regularly

As always, the glue holding any social network together are its members and the content they share amongst each other (hence the “media” in “social media”). To that end, it’s imperative that businesses share content with their audience from LinkedIn Company Pages. As your customers and prospects increasingly turn to social networks to research your company, the opportunity to present them with relevant news also grows.

Share business updates from your company, but don’t be entirely self-serving. Before posting an update, link, or other media, ask yourself the question, “Would I want to read this story?” Just this brief sanity check will hold you to a high standard when sharing content. In general, share a medley of content that will truly interest your followers, not just ads about how your company is so great.

4. Get employees involved

Your influence depends entirely on your people. The easiest way to expand the reach and engagement on your LinkedIn Company Page is simply to encourage employees of the company to like and share updates from the company with their own networks. Specifically, encouraging employees to share job openings is always a great idea to boost recruiting efforts (and can often be tied to referral bonuses). Additionally, many companies take employee involvement a step further by distributing content directly to employees through a social sales and marketing platform like Hearsay Social.

Another smart tactic to drive even more traffic to your LinkedIn Company Page: if your employees have their own professional websites, have them embed the LinkedIn Follow Company button.

5. Measure results and take action

Regularly reviewing your LinkedIn Company Page insights is crucial to improving your social strategy over time. From “page visitor demographics” like industry and company size to click/view rates, you can gain a solid understanding of who your audience is and what kind of content resonates with them. Knowing this enables you to iterate and steadily increase your reach while also driving further engagement. In the end, it all comes down to following the data.

In addition to supporting individual pages on LinkedIn, Hearsay Social also allows brands to manage their LinkedIn Company Page directly from the same platform. Hearsay Social Brand Solution supports brand marketing teams so they can effectively plan, publish, and measure messages on the LinkedIn Company Page using the same enterprise platform already deployed across their field and compliance teams. Not only does the platform help brand teams manage content published to the LinkedIn Company Page, but Hearsay Social also supports compliance and archiving needs as well.

Check out this SlideShare for even more tips on building a great LinkedIn Company Page:

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