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The future of marketing: Moving at the speed of social

When the lights went out in the Superdome during yesterday’s Super Bowl, nobody would have guessed that marketers would benefit the most from the blackout.
In the 30 or so minutes that the game shut down, Oreo’s marketing team, poised and ready in a social media command center, launched into action, quickly designing an image that they could promote across social networks (Twitter and Facebook). In doing so, they proved to their fans and followers, and marketers around the world, that they can always connect with customers, no matter the situation.

Advertising during high-profile events will never be the same. In fact, this extremely timely, relevant, and funny content may have been more impactful than Oreo’s Super Bowl ad which had to compete with many other multimillion dollar commercials.
Oreo’s approach was beautiful in its simplicity. They took advantage of something extraordinary happening in the moment, quickly crafted a marketing message, and made the most out of an otherwise awkward moment.
How can relationship sellers take advantage of this new point-in-time marketing tactic?

  1. Be prepared: Always have the right people in the room to approve messaging so you can quickly push marketing messages.
  2. Move fast: When opportunity strikes, it’s important to take action quickly for the best results.
  3. Listen carefully: Take note of how the general population is responding to the event and make sure your messaging will resonate or break through the noise.
  4. Respond appropriately: Know which channels will work best to promote the message.
  5. Follow up: Respond, retweet, and actively promote the message once it’s been syndicated.

Kate Kittredge

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