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Sallie Krawcheck at Hearsay Social Innovation Summit: Advisors are a key asset

We are so thrilled to host our inaugural Innovation Summit for financial industry leaders to discuss the future of financial services and relationship management in the social era. This afternoon event brings together experts across fields to explore the rapidly changing technology landscape available to financial institutions.

The event kicked off with a fireside chat featuring Sallie Krawcheck, former President of Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Wealth Management and former CEO of Citi Wealth Management.

“We are at a very important time in the industry. We know where the points of weakness are but we do not fully understand where the strengths are,” Krawcheck said. “The strength of the client-advisor relationship isn’t only in good shape: among a good swath of clients, it’s in great shape.”
The number one reason a client leaves an advisor, according to Krawcheck, is that they didn’t return their phone calls fast enough. On the contrary, investment performance falls to #7 on the list. Therefore, enabling advisors to build and maintain relationships with customers is a key strategy, and business leaders must enable their advisors with technology to facilitate their productivity.

Gen Williams

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