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Can your enterprise keep up with the social networks?

Ed. note: The following is an excerpt from David F. Carr’s InformationWeek article on a presentation delivered by Hearsay Social founder and CTO Steve Garrity at the recent E2 Innovate conference in Santa Clara. Read the article in full here.

Part of the challenge of social business is matching speeds between enterprises and organizations like Facebook with a “move fast and break things” philosophy, says Hearsay Social CTO Steve Garrity.
When two spaceships rendezvous in science fiction, the trickiest navigational maneuver is matching speeds and directions so they can dock, or maybe beam across. Captain Kirk’s Enterprise accomplished this on a regular basis, with all sorts of alien craft. Can your enterprise do as well at matching speeds with the social networks?
This question is inspired by Hearsay Social CTO Steve Garrity’s presentation on How to Match Speeds Between Your Enterprise and the Social Networks from the recent E2 Innovate conference in Santa Clara.
“Facebook changes every single day,” with Twitter and LinkedIn keeping almost the same pace — far different from the steady, measured pace of enterprise system development and implementation. “Move fast and break things” is a company motto at Facebook, he pointed out.

Read this article in its entirety at InformationWeek.

Ronny Kerr

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