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Real estate webinar: “7 Social Media Content Strategies for Real Estate Marketing Teams”

Ed. note: Join Hearsay Social and Katie Lance next week for a real estate webinar on social media content marketing best practices.

Success in social media requires consistent, engaging, and informative content. Those in the real estate industry who succeed on social media all have one thing in common: they share great content.
So what constitutes great content? Great content is anything fun, engaging, and inspiring. Content can take many forms: photos, videos, and links to articles are the most popular forms of content. In real estate, where we are surrounded by beautiful homes and exciting stories, there are endless possibilities for great content.
The key here is not just any content, but great content. Give your fans a reason to like, share, or retweet what you’re posting on social media.
Remember also that you don’t have to create everything yourself from scratch. Curating content by sharing links to useful and relevant content from third-party resources builds trust with your followers and establishes you as an informed resource. The key to curating content is understanding your audience and what they expect from your brand.
To learn more about content curation, please join me for my next webinar with Hearsay Social on Tuesday, December 4th at 10am PST/ 1pm EST (my second real estate webinar in this series). The topic is “10 Keys to Content Curation” and I will be covering:

  • Reliable sources: who are they, which ones are the best?
  • Consistent method for curating: how to curate quickly and efficiently
  • Various types of content: what works best for each platform and why
  • Measuring what works
  • Using Hearsay Social to manage content and the ROI of social media

Space is limited, so register today and follow the conversation at #HSSwebinar!

Katie is the CEO and Owner of Katie Lance Consulting; a social media consulting firm and Chief Strategist for Inman News, the leader in real estate news and technology. Katie specializes in social media strategy and content development, and works with mid to large sized brands in the technology and real estate industries.

Katie Lance

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