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Twitter targets marketing dollars with new design

Twitter just announced a major design revision that will start rolling out to users over the coming weeks. As part of the overall revision, brand pages will be receiving a special update destined to be a boon for social media marketers.
As the most comprehensive enterprise social media platform, Hearsay Social supports the new Twitter from day one, just as we supported Google+ brand pages from day one.

For brand marketers seeking to bolster their social presence, the newly designed Twitter will be a welcome addition to the social media marketing toolkit.
In a nutshell, the Twitter redesign grants social media marketers the kind of brand control they probably already know from Facebook Pages and Google+ Pages. With more space for brand visuals and messaging and more options for guiding the user through their page, brands on Twitter can truly offer their visitors a holistic experience tailored to the brand’s social media mission.
Whether their pages are designed for customer service, community engagement, idea collaboration, fan rewarding, or any combination thereof, page owners will now be able to more effectively carry out these goals on Twitter.
One big question marketers might have about the Twitter news is this: does it change where brands should be spending their time on social media?
The answer, for the most part, remains unchanged. Since there are over 800 million users on Facebook, over 100 million on Twitter, and over 130 million on LinkedIn, Facebook is still the best option for marketers trying to reach a mass audience.
Beyond blunt statistics, however, Twitter has always been a unique option among the social networking giants for numerous reasons. First of all, Twitter users, by default, publish more content publicly than they do on Facebook. Secondly, tweets are still limited to 140 characters. Finally, Twitter users tend to tune into the “now,” as in “what’s happening right now.”
Marketers must keep all of the above in mind when weighing their options between brand pages on different networks.
(For a comprehensive analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of brand pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, check out the “three-way brand page shootout” in this CNET article.)
While Twitter has so far only launched its new brand pages with a select group of partners, including Pepsi, American Express, and Best Buy, the enhancements will slowly roll out to other brands over the coming months. When the pages are more widely available, Hearsay Social customers will be the first ones to hear about it.

Ronny Kerr

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