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Don't have 25 fans? Don't worry – vanity URLs now available for all Facebook Business Pages!

Goodbye long, numerical, hard-to-remember Facebook Page URLs. Hello short, unique brand-identifiable URLs!
URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Typing in takes you to Facebook’s homepage. Facebook assigns each user a series of numbers and letters following the “.com” that creates a unique URL (i.e. By typing in that series of numbers and letters, you can access a user’s personal profile. This is still true today.
But back in 2009, Facebook gave personal  users the option to create  “vanity URLs” of their choosing (i.e. This made it easiest to find and share one’s profile without searching from inside the platform. Businesses quickly followed suit and created vanity URLs for their Business Pages (i.e. However, to create a custom URL, you needed at least 25 “likes” on your Business Page.
The 25-fan hurdle is a thing of the past! Last week Facebook made it possible to customize Page URLs  regardless of the number of fans the Page has. Now, businesses can immediately create a unique URL and promote the URL through marketing communications, their website, and across social media. This means a more accurate and elegant URL of your choosing to consistently reinforce your brand.

A few things to remember:
  • Choose a username that is straightforward, related to your brand, and easy to remember
  • Usernames can only contain alphanumeric characters and must contain at least one letter
  • Usernames cannot be changed once you set your unique URL – think about what to name your Page
Creating your new URL is easy – here’s how:

1. Go to
Facebook Username Step 1
2. Carefully enter your desired username. Confer with colleagues if you don’t know what to name your Page. A window will appear to let you know if your desired username is available.
Facebook Username Step 2
3. Click confirm, and your unique username will be confirmed. Direct your fans to this new URL!
Facebook Username Step 3
That’s all it takes! Now spread the word about your custom URL by adding it to your website, email signature, business cards, and marketing materials.

Kate Kittredge

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