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I got a new Facebook fan – now what?

Facebook Like ButtonOkay, so you spent the time to create an amazing Facebook Business Page and you’re getting new fans. Every day you get an update with new “likes” …exciting news, but now what? Here’s a handy checklist every local business should follow when they get a new fan on Facebook.
1. Check out their profile
They became a fan, but who are they? Check out their public Facebook profile and see what information they’ve shared with the world. Do your homework to find answers to the questions most important to your business. Where do they live? Are they married? Do they have children? What’s their occupation or alma mater? Are they a part of any networks? Each person can choose how much information to share, but what’s shared is publicly available and it’s a missed opportunity if you haven’t looked at it.
2. Find their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts
LinkedIn Connections
Do a quick search on LinkedIn and Twitter for your new fan (or, if you’re using Hearsay Social, we’ll automatically link to their accounts). On LinkedIn, check out their current role and company, and see if you have any connections in common. Depending on what degree, you may feel comfortable reaching out to your immediate contact and asking for an introduction. On Twitter, read a few of their latest tweets to see what’s top of mind to them. Can you find any common interests?
3. See if they are a current customer or prospect
Look them up in your company’s internal CRM system to see if they’re in your database. Are they a current prospect or customer? Maybe they have been a customer in the past or have already had some communication with another team member.
4. Google it
Google ItDo a quick Google search of your fan and see what kind of information pops up. Since names can often be pretty common, you may want to include a modifier to your search, like their company name or hometown. Anything interesting pop up? Do they have a blog or personal website? Maybe they were mentioned in a news article or volunteer with a local community group.
5. To follow or not to follow
Yes, this is the question. Now that you’ve done your due diligence to find out as much information about your new fan as possible, decide whether or not you want to follow them or request a connection. If you’re using Hearsay Social, you can follow your new fan and get updates when they publish new content that is publicly available without requesting to connect.
A word of caution: While someone may “like” your business, they may not want to connect with you personally. Use your best judgement to decide which social networks make the most sense for your relationship. Many LinkedIn users like to connect only with professional contacts they know personally, while it’s completely acceptable to follow a Twitter user without any real-world connection. Facebook tends to be more mixed – while many only connect with personal friends, others choose to make professional connections as well.


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