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How soon can I expect growth on my Facebook Business Page?

One question we hear a lot at Hearsay Social is, “How soon should I expect to get more ‘likes’ on my new Facebook Page?” You might be wondering the same thing.
In order to give you an accurate answer, I looked at the data of approximately 1,000 small businesses that created a new Facebook Page since signing up with Hearsay Social, tracking them over their first 60 days.
Figure 1 shows the results.

Figure 1: Average growth across all 60 Pages, normalized by the date they were created.

Notice that I didn’t include a value scale on the y-axis. The actual number of fans varies greatly depending on your business. A hot restaurant in New York City will have a larger reach than an accounting office in Nebraska. One thing that remains consistent, however, is the pace at which they acquire fans.
A few things to notice:
1. The rate of growth is much faster in the early days – nearly 50% of growth happens within 10 days of Page creation.
2. There are a few hiccups where the average drops slightly for a day or two.
3. The line shows a fairly smooth decelerating curve.
Do you notice anything else? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Segment Analysis

To help you understand the pace at which your Page will gain “likes,” we can group your followers into segments.

Figure 2: Splitting the graph from above into four segments.

Group #1 – Friends and Family

It’s an old business school lesson: When you start a business, the first people you should go to for support are your friends and family. So, it makes sense that when you start a Business Page on Facebook you would do the same.
After creating your new Page, the majority of your followers will come from your personal Facebook friends. The best way to spread the word is to post a status update on your personal profile linking to your new Business Page.

Group #2 – Loyal Fans

Your customers probably already use Facebook on a daily basis. Many of them will be excited that your business now has a social media presence. Make sure to let them know about your new Page by creating a sign to hang at your office and by including a link in your email signature.

Group #3 – The Masses

This next group represents the majority of your customers. As you inform your customers and extended network about your Facebook Business Page, you will see a steady increase in fans. This growth can last for 30-45 days.

Group #4 – New Audience

Once you’ve reached the majority of your customers, you can increase your online presence by reaching out to a new audience – new customers, interested prospects, and people that find your content interesting.

*Special Note – Promotions, Mentions, and Viral Growth

There may be times when you see a surge in growth in a short time. This might happen because of something you planned (a marketing campaign), sometimes it’s unexpected (your business gets mentioned in a popular blog), and sometimes it’s something amazing (like a video that you created goes viral). You did remember to include your Facebook Business Page URL in the video, right?

Example of unexpected growth I saw on a Facebook Business Page. A popular blog learned about the business and recommended it to their readers. In about a week the Facebook fan count of the business tripled.

Final Thoughts

Growth during the first week is highly indicative of long term success. If you are having trouble getting started, you might need to rethink your approach. Hearsay Social provides onboarding and training for all of our customers. Take advantage of it!
Are you thinking of starting a new Facebook Business Page? How do these graphs compare with your expectations?
If you’ve already started a Facebook Business Page, was your experience similar to these averages?

Greg Kroleski

With a background in data science, SEO and analytics, Greg Kroleski owned the creation and launch of the Hearsay Sites product from conception to sales and implementation.

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