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We launched a ton of new features & secured Series B funding!

Facebook’s numbers continue to go through the roof and Google just launched its own social network; social media clearly isn’t going anywhere. In the first wave of social media business adoption, brands realize their customers are on social, so they need to be too. In the second wave (which many brands are just arriving at now), brands realize that their own people are on social media sites representing the brand, that the brand could be legally liable for what they say, and that the brand has no choice but to start managing these conversations.
We launched Hearsay Social in February 2011 to provide brands with a way to monitor and empower local pages while safeguarding against brand and regulatory risks. Industry-leading brands use Hearsay Social every day to suggest timely and relevant content (e.g., deals, educational videos, and links) to local reps, who then customize and one-click post to their social media pages. The brand drives consumer engagement while ensuring visibility and compliance for each of these local pages.Today, we’re taking corporate-to-local social media management even further. We are thrilled to unveil three groundbreaking product innovations which I believe will transform how businesses drive results on social media. We happen to be announcing them together, but really each one on its own is a game-changing innovation and true testament to the power, velocity, and incredible execution capability of our Silicon Valley software development team.
1. Integrated Social Campaigns enable marketing departments to package Facebook tabs, wall posts, ads, tweets, and LinkedIn status updates into a single integrated campaign that local representatives can launch with one click. Targeting and timing can be pre-specified so that corporate marketing experts can stage campaign rollouts that reps can easily run at the local level.
Regional Mgmt Console
Regional Management Console

2. Enterprise Roles and Hierarchies recognize there may be intermediary management layers between corporate and local such as zones, regions, and districts, as well as different roles such as marketing versus compliance users. Hearsay Social now provides a way for organizations to custom-define their own roles and hierarchies to fit their unique business needs. With these new features, regional managers can be assigned specific access privileges to deliver more localized content specific to their field reps and stores, as well as access analytics in their specific region and by sub-region, especially important for managers with profit and loss responsibilities.
Rogue Page Finder
Rogue Page Finder

Last but not least,
3. Rogue Page Finder allows brands to centrally and systematically identify social media pages that represent the company’s brand but remain outside of corporate control. Infractions on those pages – some of which could subject your company to fines or other risks – are also captured and communicated by the new Hearsay Social Rogue Page Finder.
In addition to the three new product features, we are thrilled to announce that we have received $18 million in Series B funding from NEA and Sequoia, and welcome NEA partner Jon Sakoda to our Board of Directors. Jon also serves as a Board Observer to Blue Jeans Network, Causes, Jobfox and Spring Wireless. He is a fellow entrepreneur and co-founded IMlogic (later acquired by Symantec Corporation), where he served as CTO and VP of Products before joining NEA in 2006. Jon is a wealth of knowledge and we have already been blown away by his insight with experience both as an investor and an entrepreneur. He is a great addition to our Board and will be an asset to Hearsay Social.
I am thrilled by NEA’s investment and the ongoing support of Sequoia Capital. The backing from these extraordinary firms lets us accelerate our growth to meet incredible market demand and innovate even faster as we continue to transform the way businesses capitalize on social media. Stay tuned!
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Clara Shih

A pioneer in the social media industry, Clara developed the first social business application in 2007. Her latest book, The Social Business Imperative, is a Wall Street Journal-featured bestseller. She is a member of the Starbucks board of directors.

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